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  I haven’t had a lot of time this week (so what else is new?) but I did come across a little anecdote which I am sharing here because of the Guile (mowing lawn) art found on the Spanking Emporium and it is halfway to being an illustration. The anecdote was found at Quora and […]

A new crop of sorority sisters brings a new crop of sorority paddles. The colleges and sororities themselves continue to deny that these paddles ever get used and we be can sure that this is true, for the most part. Yet every year sorority girls past and present come forward with an alternative version of […]

Certain times of year come with certain traditions, like Easter and the Slavic tradition of spanking single girls. In some parts of Western Europe they spank girls in honour of Beltane, that May Day fertility rite; albeit these days in a subdued playful way, if at all. I have a picture somewhere of a girl […]

A young lady (presumably) rejoicing in the name Casey the Sorority girl dropped me a quick line to say that ‘red is new black’ and that the 21st century sorority girl ‘likes to show off her blisters.’ I get these brief enigmatic mails from time to time and beyond a quick acknowledgment their contributions usually […]

It is that time of year when all good American college girls are pledging to their sororities. Many new sisters are going through a signature ritual where each girl gets a swat from each potential big sister. Judging from the pictures above it is a time-honoured ritual and one much elaborated upon by fantasists. Not […]

A reader called Kathy sent in these in. Allegedly this is the aftermath of some sorority hi-jinks. The top picture is apparently a candid of one girl cooling off her spanked bottom in the sink. They all look authentic enough, but who knows?

Freya Guinness looked at the clock with misery hanging on her face. She already wished her shift was over and the shift had barely begun. It looked like her day at the Horn Street Coffee Shop was getting up to be one of those where she wasn’t be rushed off her feet, but she wasn’t […]



“But Mr Davis, I didn’t do it,” Kate wailed. Ashlyn, listening at the door hooked her lower lip with her teeth and hugged herself with glee. It was a pity she couldn’t be a fly on the wall, but sometimes you couldn’t have it all. “Is that the best you can do Miss Henson?” the […]

As I said at the top of the week, I recently had two different sorority anecdotes sent to me. The first is from Anthony who often comments here and is republished with his permission and that of the girls involved. I took the liberty of making some edits. Tony seems to be a master of […]