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The Therapist


It had been Lady Morton who had first mentioned him. “Did wonders for my melancholy,” she said in that off-hand way of hers. I had been completely shocked at first. After all it was such a scandalous idea. I don’t think Lady Morton would ever have made such a disclosure had her maid not directed […]

Some might think that’s what the (British) nation is getting today, but not so fast. Spanking and royalty have a long tradition within marriage and maybe a certain airline pilot’s daughter and future queen is not so adverse. After all it has been widely reported that as a student (pre-prince) she was given to mooning […]

Ahhh… so many to choose from, people are doing good things out there. This week’s is one that has been long neglected here, not even a link until today, as it is in French. It is a blog that has been on a regular visit list for years now maybe because of the added mystery […]

The Redlies in South Hampshire were not where she would have chosen to be at the best of times. Kim Khan was a city girl and three quirky villages in rural England were not her cup of tea. Where did these ridiculous names come from anyway? She thought. Upper and Lower Redley was bad enough, […]

This was found on an old stick drive from a now dead computer. So maybe this was the snippet that was the inspiration for this short story, if not then who knows, perhaps, maybe? Not exactly a sorority story as promised, but a UK college spanking nonetheless. Probably wasn’t used before as it is a […]

This week we have detectives and a sorority snippet coming up. Did you fill out your census form? How many of you put in the occupation field (or maybe even under religion) spanker or spankee? Just how many secret spankos are out there? Now that would be a useful questionnaire. Many thanks for the stats […]

Many thanks for all spanking blogsters who have sent in some usage stats. It would be very useful if we could collect a few more. In case there was any misunderstanding it was not the intention to publish these stats, but only to ascertain some general information about the total size of the spanking blog […]

Still hopelessly lost in deepest Europe, there was a bit of fun when it came to reviewing this weeks’s blog of the week. For one thing the whole thing was viewed on a somewhat narrower screen than one is used to so the screen arrangement held added interest given the juxtaposition of images. Now this […]

The next few weeks sees yours truly dashing back and forth across Europe in the name of business. This is playing havoc with any blogging schedule but does afford a small opportunity to experience some interesting local customs. Take Switzerland for instance, some cantons have similar Easter spanking traditions to those in Slovakia. Since these […]

The Cane


It’s time for another bit of cod history, this time on the cane. This was inspired by a vanilla conversation about the alleged recent caning of an 18-year-old girl in Kerala, India. A rather shocked and somewhat smug young woman said “they haven’t done that sort of thing in England since Victorian times.” Given that […]