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Some years ago while on a business trip to Europe a colleague and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The premise was an old style establishment run by a Chinese family with more than a hint of sympathy for the New China. In the corner was a TV churning out Chinese government news […]

Now this short article, whilst hopefully being informative, is not intended to be exhaustive and can better be viewed as a bit of fun. Many of you will either be in a spanking or DD relationship or will have had one at some point. If not then no doubt your turn will come. As you […]

This is another of the pictures sent in by Sam. I have obscured the faces in case it is the real life picture of a college spanking that is claimed. The back-story is (or is claimed to be) a 20-year-old woman is being spanked at her Christian community college witnessed by a friend (the photographer) […]

Once at a fetish market I got talking to a young woman in her early 20s who said she was paid for her work in ‘spanks.’ As it turned out she had a completely different idea about what constituted a spank than many of us. I later saw her strapped to a cross of St […]

Never mind the butler; have you ever wondered what the window cleaner saw? Living in London, people sometimes live so much on top of one another that they zone out the neighbours and tend to become rather relaxed about what they get up to without closing the curtains. At a former address for instance, one […]

Not to be too presumptuous, judging from feedback I know that most of you out there like relationship punishment spankings and romantic spankings. This is pretty much where we are all at these days to a greater or lesser extent. But one of the things that first got many people’s attention when it came to […]

The issue that just won’t go away it seems. A sassy sorority girl revelling in the name of Blister Sister, saw the top picture, posted here some time ago and sent the next three pictures in. The last two have been seen before somewhere, but they do illustrate that paddling does go on, as if […]

You know the problem, the holiday is over and everyone has overindulged. Maybe everyone is a bit more relaxed than usual and eyes have been taken off balls. It is inevitable that she will play up and make a huge mistake; it goes with the territory. To get things back on track you need to […]

One was having a little chat the other day with one who knows. She said that the cane is one of the things that she fears most. That got us talking about personal histories of the cane and why it has such a hold on some people’s collective psyches. One has to suspect that the […]

Real life spanking is not as rare as you might think, but photographic evidence usually is. However, here is a recent real life picture from a college barbecue. The evidence of a serious spanking can be seen on the girl’s bottom and one wonders at her bravado in wearing so skimpy a bathing costume. Given […]