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The introduction music was lively and urgent with bass-driven undertones of peril. As it got to its second bar a metallic 3D banner scrolled across the screen proclaiming ‘Issues Tonight.’ “Hello and welcome to Issues Tonight,” an over smiling redhead with big hair and a clinging green dress said unnecessarily. “I am Mary Tonkin and […]



You read in one of her books once the line, “The sun poured over the world like honey.” At the time you had laughed at such romantic tosh. But now as you make your way to the shed at the bottom of the garden you are bathed in such warm golden light that you see […]

Our story begins here. The next day the ground to the north began to climb and although it remained wide enough, the trail narrowed so that wagons began to fall in behind one another and close up. After the previous day’s ordeal, both girls exchanged horrified glances that seemed to say, “Thank the Lord that […]

In 1977 Julie was 18 and went on one of her last family holidays before heading off to college. What follows is a fictionalised account of a true story. Mum and Dad were pretty strict and as the eldest, my brother was six years younger than I, I tended to attract all the heat. Now […]



The hallway at the back of the club leading to Mr Winter’s office was lit by only one 60 watt light bulb high up in the ceiling. This had the effect of casting a pall of yellow-grey light over everything and made even the most innocent of shadows look as if they hid some unnamed […]