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This week I have been having crazy problems with connectivity. I think it is called a Yo-yo connection. I blame the rain. Consequently I haven’t hooked up with many new blogs or even old friends. I did find a little gem of a video over at Dallas (see pictures above). Vanilla Spanking found a story […]

Holodeck Hell


LSF has published Holodeck Hell as an e-publication. Also available from Amazon. After 18 months on board a star ship, navigation officer Tzara is bored and spends most of her free time in the holodeck, a private virtual reality facility. She has a big advantage over the rest of the crew, thanks to the illegal modification […]

Vintage Sunday




  Just pictures this week. Although Vanilla Spanking has a little article about a Czech TV comedy that features a spanking. Also Ronnie has a new list of other blogs for you to explore. I hope to continue/complete Woman versus the Machine and presently In the Service of the Wolf. Other images are from Real […]

As previously mentioned, LSF have released a new book of my work. The fact that this offering has previously been published is not that unusual, but be aware if you have bought my books before. What strikes me as curious is that The Academy is being described as a novella. I don’t want to get […]

Vintage Sunday


Sometime ago we featured an article on the mentoring of young women who actively sought out older women to spank them. Recent magazine articles in the UK have touched on this again, albeit obliquely and with tongues very firmly in their cheek. Although some of the women interviewed, I suspect, had a serious life style […]



A little focus this week on the professionals and semi-pros. Above is a nice set of images from AAA that caught my eye. Also Devlin O’Neil is giving away one of his books for free for a limited time. Other images are from Oaks and Pines, Contemporary Life, Chicago Spanking Review, which has some original […]

Back in the day, before the internet, the only place you could get spanking pictures was through a very limited number of magazines. In the UK these home-grown products were quite hard to find if you lived outside London. Later there were some US products available, but this was mostly in the guise of spanking […]