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This week I want to give a special shout out to Vanilla Spanking, I nabbed a picture above. Ronnie Soul has more blogs to find. Other pictures were found at AAA, Real Spanking, Devlin O’Neil, Au Fils,  Spanking blog, Spanking Magazines and Grumpy Old Fart.

I stumbled upon this report on YouTube about an new official Russian Sport of spanking. At first I thought it must be a hoax, and maybe it is, but several British and Russian Tabloids have reported on it and the pictures above are stills from a video. The sport is played between women only, or […]

Vintage Sunday




I am away this week so this might (or might not be) the last post until Sunday. I also have the added complication of car trouble with both cars off the road. I did watch Spank Me Harder, a UK Channel 5 documentary on BDSM sex workers who are into what they do. It was […]

Part 1 here. Anette had never considered being on the other side of the punitive experience. She had been in this room hundreds of times, either standing at the console or in the middle of the room wielding a cane or some such. After all usually she was the Queen of Pain and Mistress of Miscreants. […]

Vintage Sunday


This week has been a bit of a car crash and to top it all I have a bad internet connection. I have had time to write for next week and Vintage Sunday is out tomorrow. Picture from Shadow Lane.



This week I have been having crazy problems with connectivity. I think it is called a Yo-yo connection. I blame the rain. Consequently I haven’t hooked up with many new blogs or even old friends. I did find a little gem of a video over at Dallas (see pictures above). Vanilla Spanking found a story […]

Holodeck Hell


LSF has published Holodeck Hell as an e-publication. Also available from Amazon. After 18 months on board a star ship, navigation officer Tzara is bored and spends most of her free time in the holodeck, a private virtual reality facility. She has a big advantage over the rest of the crew, thanks to the illegal modification […]

Vintage Sunday