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Here is a story from the DJB archive that was originally intended for a fictional case study book that was never completed. Here is Lesley’s story. My husband spanks me and that is all right by me, although I would never tell him that. I can’t say I have had a life-long interest in spanking; […]

We have had a couple of college girl stories lately. First, we had the ex-public schoolgirl taking her friend in hand and then we had some stories about UK sports sororities. Here is another true story about a nice quiet serious girl studying for her history degree who falls in love with another girl after […]

In 1976, Spain became a democracy and had to catch up with modern Europe fast. There was suddenly a lot of interest in Spain’s hidden world as it had been under Franco’s dictatorship. On story that emerged was the domestic correction known as the courtyard chair punishment or outside of Spain the Spanish Chair. This […]

Here is an account of Angie’s spankings as a teenager and young woman in US Midwest during 1960s and 1970s. “I grew up in the 60s and 70s, on a farm in the American Midwest. My parents, as well as my aunts and my friend’s parents used spanking as the primary means of discipline, especially […]

Corner Time


Someone asked on Yahoo questions ‘what is corner time?’ The best answer came from the Ecstagony. Any bottom about to be punished dreads the top’s command: “Go to the corner”. Just in case somebody doesn’t know, the “corner time” punishment consists in making the punished to spend some time standing or kneeling facing a corner […]

The following is an extract that has been doing the rounds on discussion boards in various forms for a while. The different posts are clearly by the same person and may well be fantasy. But what makes it interesting is the account of sandpapering of the bare bottom as punishment. Although Sean Young was once given […]

Here is another story from the DJB archive. The horse whinnied for the umpteenth time that morning. It was desperate to get out and back to the wild. No one had ever tamed it. But Annabelle had things other than an unbroken horse to worry about at that moment. Annabelle had been bent bare bottomed […]

One subject that generates a lot of interest in the spanking world is the sorority. After Will Henry, Martin Pyx’s series of the stories the Sigma Cycle is probably one of the definitive works on this subject. However real life sorority spanking stories are extremely hard to find, even in biographies by sorority girls years […]

Here is a short story from the unpublished DJB archive. Inspired by but not strictly faithful to a real life event. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to a quiet glass of Oban and some quality time with his wife. However, when he arrived home his heart sank at the […]

A few days ago we had a post about spanking in Japan from the point of view of an English woman and her experiences in a Japanese private school and a her sponsors home. There may be more in a similar vein soon. Meanwhile here is a better picture that more accurately illustrates the Japanese […]