Another mainstream movie caning


Hungarian caning movie - woman caned by soldiersSometimes when you are on the verge of saying you have seen just about every mainstream movie spanking or CP scene another one crops up on You Tube.

No idea what is going on in this Hungarian film, but the poor girl picture above has to hang about naked in a courtyard while some dashing army officers have a long chat. Then she has to walk out to get a mass caning by a lot of strapping men.

No doubt you have seen it and can tell us all about it; if not then be horrified (or enjoy) it here.

3 Responses to “Another mainstream movie caning”

  1. I watched it. It was a bit horrific. Shocked. Need chocolate.

  2. 2 Michael

    This is an excellent film translated in the US as The Round-Up. These are Austrian soldiers brutally putting down a Hungarian rebellion. It’s an emotionally shocking scene, but presented without melodrama, as the camera quietly, even austerely, explores the formations of human bodies in this wide open space.

    It’s a disturbing scene, but of course that doesn’t mean we can’t focus on the very fetishistic caning gauntlet and fantasize our own perverted but benign context.

  3. Excellent and most realistic running of the gauntlet by a naughty woman. Having to be whipped by all these men on her bare bottom.

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