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Our story started here. Once Dane was certain that Dale was heading back to the Ad Astra he cut ahead of her so that he could run a discreet scan as she came aboard. The package she carried was definitely an encrypted data chip of the kind designed to avoid official scrutiny. All the way back […]

Our story started here. The Rusty Bucket sat under the boardwalk that led from Gremlin to the Old Town. Opposite it were corrupted old engine parts and various discarded elements of scrap too expensive to recycle in a system so rich in minerals. Already rusting, the blood red sky from the refineries cast its russet pall […]

Our story started here. The great brown and silver-grey rock rolled slowly past them looking near enough to touch. At 10,000 meters off to the starboard, in space terms, it was. It was just one of the hazards the Ad Astra as it approached Rigel Nine, although the asteroid belt here was not as extensive as […]

Our story started here. Tammy and Jen were quiet as they entered the ‘woodshed.’ Seeing Jen glaring at her, Tammy could only shrug. The younger girl knew it was all her fault and that sometimes she didn’t know when to stop, but Jen had gone along with the prank and could hardly escape responsibility now. […]

With a new instalment of Ad Astra in the pipeline, I thought it would be useful to recap. Dale Hanson, former smuggler and reformed criminal has to contend with an older sister who is not only a reluctant business partner, but her legal guardian. To cap it all Hanson freight is going bust and Captain […]

Our story started here. The Ad Astra hung in space like a fly suspended in amber. If anyone had been standing on the outer hull, the stars would have seemed so close to them that they might have reached out and touched them. To even mortal eyes, which could only perceive a fraction of the […]

Our story started here. Michelin Hollister stood on the bridge out of necessity, the fierce glow in her bottom nothing to the one that suffused her soul. To stand on the bridge of a starship with a sore bottom was for her the epitome of happiness. Perhaps she was mad, she considered benignly, but the […]

Our story started here. The atmosphere on the Ad Astra’s bridge had changed with Captain Dane’s coming. It was both quieter and yet at the same time more bustling. The set of Dane’s back seemed to discourage the usual chit-chat and instead, Dale made more of an effort to visibly work more quickly. She had […]

Our story started here. Darius finished putting the last swats of Jen’s spanking across her bared bottom as his sensors suggested that an optimum punishment had been given. This despite calls from the informal audience who had gathered at the quay, who were demanding the spanking to continue. They were still laughing openly and mocking […]

Lucifer dominated the sky of habitable space as it turned about its distant sun almost 3,000 light years from Earth. A murky black-red gas giant with lesser baleful mustard-brown stripes dominating among the myriad of lesser colours that some called it the ‘Devil’s Marble’ and others called home. When the first people had come, it […]