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Sorority spankings have always been a perennial fascination. Not least because of the secrecy that surrounds the college sisterhoods. Also from a British point of view sororities have always seemed exotic because there is no formal or informal sorority system outside sports clubs in the UK. Even in the United States university authorities and the […]

Angela’s story continued. I slept soundly that night. It was almost as though Nan and Alec knowing and approving of David and I lifted a burden from me somehow. I suddenly felt silly and childish when I looked back over my behaviour and attitude in recent weeks. I wondered if it was possible to grow […]

It has been a great four months since this blog was launched. After 100,000 visitors and over 300,000 words (that is six novels worth) we are coming to the end of our first year. So far we have one award: The 2009 Spanking Writers Awards Most Fascinating Historical Blog Entry – for the history of the […]

The Gift


He had seen it in an antique shop window. He had no idea why it had attracted his attention. It was beautiful to be sure. But a second hand hairbrush, it was not his usual style. Brian had already spent a fortune on a ring, some perfume and a food processor. But this was their […]

Angela’s story continues. “Hi.” I said shyly emerging from the haven of the bedroom. Alec was about David’s age, but taller and greyer at the temples. Nan was a striking blonde, much younger than Alec, mid to late 20s at most. “This is Angela. Angela this is Alec and Nan.” David introduced us ignoring my […]

Angela’s story continues When I awoke the next morning my hands flew to my bottom, this was definitely not funny. I took pigeon steps to the bathroom as David looked on with something like concern on his face. He confided to me much later that he regretted sentencing me to such harsh spankings on successive […]

A Voice in the Corner has been nominated as best spanking blog of the year. It is a great honour, especially for a blog that has only been running for four months. If you want to vote for it or just want to check out the other great blogs that have been nominated then vistit […]

Angela’s story continues. The next morning I had a little of the customary stiffness and sitting was not at the top of my list of fun things to do. But otherwise, I felt fine. The prospect of another spanking that evening filled me with curiosity rather than anxiety, I had never experienced such a large […]

Angela’s story continues. All the next day I pondered the justice of David’s sentence and our life together. Why had I been so stubborn? Where did my little rebellion come from? Was I being bad for badness sake or had Christmas been such a good time that I needed to sabotage it. “A penny for […]

In the post (first world) war period women were freer than they ever had been before but not everyone approved of their ‘wild’ behaviour. These women became known as Flappers. Here is an encyclopaedia definition of a Flapper. The term flapper in the 1920s referred to a ‘new breed’ of young women who wore short […]