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This is the conclusion of the domestic transformation of Sylvia. To catch it from the start go here. Michael Trench was surprisingly nervous about introducing his girlfriend Claire to his circle. He had told her of course, all about the lifestyle and she had been fascinated. But it was one thing to have a salacious […]

After receiving an interesting email, more on which later, I did some research and stumbled upon this account. According to the French writer and biographer Pidansat de Mairobert, the Marquise de Rosen, the young and beautiful close friend and rival of Madame Du Barry learned of the price of falling out with the powerful mistress […]

A conclusion to yesterday’s tale. The cigarettes were foul and even Amelia suspected that walking down the middle of the road after midnight whilst swigging a bottle of brown ale was less than ladylike. But Spiffy had to agree that it was very dare and totally modern. “I don’t really like smoking,” Amelia spluttered and […]

Petunia had scouted ahead first to make sure the coast was clear. Well it had been her turn and anyway she was the oldest. That left Amelia ‘Bother’ Botherington and ‘Spiffy’ Susie Watkins to sneak up behind in her train. They both thought that Petunia, Spiffy’s elder sister, was a bit wet, but she did […]

Weekly Round-Up


Now we mustn’t panic or show any weakness whatsoever, but one month today it is Christmas day! Okay, so panic a little bit unless you are done and dusted. Actually this may be a British thing, for instance this Thursday is Thanksgiving, which many Americans look upon as a bigger event when the whole family […]

Vintage Sunday


Some years ago while on a business trip to Europe a colleague and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The premise was an old style establishment run by a Chinese family with more than a hint of sympathy for the New China. In the corner was a TV churning out Chinese government news […]

Here is a set(?) found on different Tumblr’s. It isn’t clear who the artist (or artists) are but despite the differing styles two were grouped as if they might be the same. Taken together they contrast and compare the notorious medieval to 19th century traditional domestic corporal punishment with the Soviet era (note the picture […]

It had seemed like a harmless agreement, Georgina thought, although now she could kick herself as she hovered at the door to the shared house. Surely he wouldn’t go through with it? The pang in her belly was close to nausea and the heat was rising in her face right up to the fringes of […]

Al fresco spanking has its risks; not least you might get caught. See this near-miss anecdote and you’ll see what I mean. The same girl also got switched in the woods just yards from what turned out to a family camping ground whilst on holiday. In both cases the al fresco situation was incidental and […]