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Uncovered a whole set of vintage Russian flogging pictures the other day. The thing is, they do not look particularly erotic or like they were intended to be erotic. They are mostly judicial floggings of women of one kind or another and look either documentarian or cautionary. They will probably be published on another day, […]

A young woman once apologised after a spanking and you may ask, what is so unusual about that. “That’s all right, you are forgiven,” one might have smiled. “No I mean for making a fuss about the shoe,” she explained, “I mean, you do have the right to spank me with anything you think is […]

Here is an amusing little anecdotal snippet. Recently 21-year-old Fiona moved out of home and in with some other young people. In the guise of helping move house, father, mother and an aunt made themselves available with cars and humping boxes etc, just so that they could check things out and meet the new housemates […]

Susie froze in the glare of the hall light. Any chance she had had to bluff it out had been thrown away by the act of taking off her shoes to sneak in. “What time do you call this?” Her father sounded furious. Did parents all read the same cliché manual? Although this was no […]

Got another fine batch of old picture from Tip Topper. Among several old favourites were the pictures above which have not been seen here before. Don’t know much about them, although they look like illustrations from a 1920s gentlemen’s magazine. Does anyone know more?

In transit and have had little time to check out the blogosphere so there is no Blog of the Week.

Our story began here. Take three Erin was naked but for her stockings and a light bodice-halter; her usual attire in Dniester’s quarters these days, or so it seemed to her. It was decidedly chilly within the Ivory Tower as she knelt in position bent across the saddle stool and her knees were beginning to […]

Someone recently said, “You know you could be one of the best spanking writers in the spankosphere.” Hey back up a minute. Okay not being one to blow one’s own trumpet or necessarily get too carried away, but ‘could be’ and ‘one of,’ isn’t that like coming second in a two horse race? “No I […]

The Appointment


Helen sat in her car looking at the house. It was appointed in yellow brick with masonry edging at the corners and around the windows and doors. The roof was of dark grey slate and was steeply sloped so that it angled sharply into the early evening sky like a threat. The house stood alone […]

An Australian publisher, Instructing Eve, recently approached yours truly for a contribution to a book called The Spanking Hand Book – the authoritative guide to adult discipline. After some discussion it was agreed that DJ Black would write a chapter on the history of spanking. The book includes not only stories and history but various […]