A mother’s comeuppance and the spanking stepfather

Mother finally loses patience with her adult daughter

Mother finally loses patience with her adult daughter

Here is a story from the DJB archive that was originally intended for a fictional case study book that was never completed. Here is Lesley’s story.

My husband spanks me and that is all right by me, although I would never tell him that. I can’t say I have had a life-long interest in spanking; my interest emerged much later after Gerard came into our lives. By our lives I mean my mother’s and I.

I was never spanked as a child my father was totally against it. I think much to my mother’s regret. She was spanked until she left home, as she never stopped telling me.

“If I had done that at your age I wouldn’t have sat down for a week.” She would say or, “If I had said that to my mother I would had my knickers taken down.”

She sometimes said such things in front of others, much to my acute embarrassment, but that was as far as it ever went. I honestly think I didn’t need to be spanked as a child and I certainly don’t advocate it now, so this is not a story about bad girl made good through spanking. Well not entirely anyway.

I think I was a happy well-adjusted child who did all right at school right up until I was 17. Then my lovely daddy died and things changed.

I thought it was all so unfair and I became the teenager from hell. My grades suffered and I had to go to second-rate college. I even failed there an ended back with mum doing a succession of rubbish jobs.

Then there were the drugs and the ‘riding in cars with boys’.

My mother fared little better. She didn’t take dad’s death well and tended to drink too much. She certainly lost the will to give me any direction. She even stopped her idle threats to spank me.

By 19 mother and I were at each other’s throats.

Then one day the police arrested me. I was found in the back of a stolen car in possession of a tiny amount of hash. The amount found in the front of the car was rather more.

It was all one hell of a mess and I spent the night in a cell while the police decided what to charge me with.

The police knew one of the boys and fortunately, the other boy admitted that the other girl and I did not know about the drugs. In the end I was just cautioned for possession.

When I got home mother and I had one hell of a row. She even started throwing stuff.

“Get out. I have had enough.” She screamed as half my clothes ended up in the street. She even swore at me, which was something she never did.

I was crying and begging for her to forgive me. But ended up sitting on the doorstep with nowhere to go. I could hear my mother crying on the other side of the door. It was awful.

After a couple of hours the door opened and mum said we needed to talk.

We sat down surrounded by huge pile of my shit while she explained that she couldn’t cope with the way things were and it had to change. After a very long intense discussion, she finally lightened up a bit.

“When I was your age I was caught in a stolen car with a boy. I was lucky they just arrested him and made me walk home. But when my dad found out I got the hiding of my life.”

I suddenly wondered where this was leading. Was my mother asking me to make amends?

“Are you going to spank me?” I asked.

She just looked at me and there was the longest silence. Then she said:

“No. Not this time, we have had enough upset. But if you ever get arrested again or I find out you have been using drugs then since you ask I will. You will either get out or you will accept a good hiding.”

“Yes mum.” Was all I could say, I was so glad it was all over and I really thought that things would be better now.

Things were better after that. Mother stopped drinking quite so much and I gave up hash and got a better job. Then I went and did a stupid thing.

To cut a long story short I was out with one of my ‘bad girl’ friends and she helped herself to a handbag from a department store. Of course, we were spotted and so we ran. She got away and I was caught. I swore I would never do such a thing and that it was my friend but they did not believe me.

“Why did I run? What was my friends name? Where did she live?”

All I knew was that she was called Julie something and we usually hung out at the Hope and Anchor. It was the truth and but I know how it sounded.

I was invited to attend the magistrates’ court on charges of shoplifting. The look on my mum’s face when I got the letter was the worst thing that ever happened to me since my dad died. We both had a good cry and she promised to stand by me.

“It will be alright, you won’t go to prison.” She tried to cheer me up.

In the end, they found Julie and she pleaded guilty and I was acquitted. I say the end but it was not quite the end. The entire way home mum scolded me about mixing with the wrong sort and how I had had a lucky escape.

When we finally got home, I got a shock.

“Have you decided? Are you ready for a good hiding or are you going to pack your bags ” Mum asked.

We had another row. I came out with everything from I was too old to it wasn’t my fault. Mum countered with a lecture on taking responsibility and that I was never too old. In the end, I remembered the look of disappointment on her face and did what I was told.

I went to my room and got into my pyjamas then came back down to the living room as she had asked. She told me that when she was a girl she had to do time out in the corner until her dad was ready. I argued again saying I hadn’t had time out since I was about eight.

“I was about to say that I was going to let you off that bit, but since you keep arguing about it you can do some corner time afterwards.” She told me.

Mum pulled me down across her lap and tugged down my pyjama bottoms. I was so embarrassed. There was no way that she could have made me do it by force and the fact that I was submitting voluntarily made it all the more humiliating.

I don’t know why but I had got it into my head that at 19 a spanking wouldn’t hurt. It did.

Mum used one of dad’s old rubber-soled deck shoes that he used to wear for gardening. She spanked me with a will and did not stop for a very long time. I think she had a lot to get out of her system.

By the time she finished spanking me I was not only crying hard but was definitely thoroughly sorry.

Like she promised, I had to stand and face the corner. During the spanking, my pyjama bottoms had been kicked off and I couldn’t find them.

“Never mind them, when I was a girl we had to do corner time bare bottomed. Thank your lucky stars that there is only me here.” She said crossly.

I didn’t argue for once.

The next hour or so was very embarrassing. I wasn’t allowed out of the corner and mum just went about the house singing.

Afterwards I couldn’t sit down and my bottom was one big, red purplish bruise. The marks lasted about 10 days and every time I sat down, I blushed remembering what had happened.

After that, I was spanked every time I argued with mum. I tried to tell her that I was too old and that it hurt and I would be good, anything to get out of it.

“You could always pack your bags.” She would say.

Then when I capitulated she would add: “See all that fuss over nothing. You can have an extra half hour in the corner before and afterwards for that.”

I eventually stopped arguing. It was 1991 and I was probably the only 20-year-old daughter being spanked by their mother in the whole town, perhaps the whole country.

Then mum met Gerard. I bet you thought I had forgotten him. He was the nicest man I had ever met. Although he was a bit older than Mum, she was 41 at the time, he was very handsome and always wore smart suits. He had a full head of hair with just a bit of grey to make him look distinguished.

He was always very calm; the perfect counterbalance to mum’s volatility. There was always a bit of a frisson whenever he scolded her and she blushed.

It was around this time that I began having weird fantasies about Gerard spanking me. He was the perfect stern but kindly stepfather figure.

Mum of course did her best to mess things up. She was always trying to argue and I overheard her complaining about her sex life to friends.

The last remark surprised me, but I gathered that she wanted to be in control and I thought that was probably not the best way to get Gerard going.

To try and give her a hint, without directly raising the subject, I bought her a pair of handcuffs for her birthday. She blushed but saw the funny side.

Things settled down after that and I thought everything would be all right.

Then one day I came home and found Gerard handcuffed to the staircase rail. He was in a total rage.

I was so embarrassed for him and wouldn’t blame him if he left mother forever. Apparently, they had been playing a game with the handcuffs, as they had before but mother had got into one of her strops and tried to put the cuffs on him. She had only put it on one wrist and then stormed out of the bathroom. He had no idea what the problem was but then he mentioned that she had been drinking rather a lot and it all became clear to me.

He had followed her down the stairs to dissuade her from driving in her current state. She was evidently fumbling for the car keys in the hall. It was then that she had snapped the dangling end of the cuffs onto the rail and run out of the house.

As I was trying to calm him down and we talked about how to remove the cuffs, mother having taken the key, when the phone rang. It was mother; she was in a terrible state having driven into a ditch.

Gerard suggested I leave him and go and get her, but I thought that was a bad idea. Eventually I found my father’s old toolbox and Gerard was able to free himself using this hook thing. It was only a simple lock he said.

I persuaded him to go and fetch mother rather than me and try to patch things up between them.

Half an hour later Gerard returned with mother, who was looking very sheepish. I made some coffee and left them to talk things over. There was air of finality hanging in the room and I was feeling very sad that Gerard would leave our lives.

I returned just in time to hear Gerard say: “If you weren’t a grown woman I would give you a sound spanking.”

I don’t know why I said it but I did.

“Oh don’t let that stop you. Mother believes that a woman is never too old to be spanked, don’t you mum?”

“You wouldn’t dare.” She said.

At first Gerard looked bemused, then he saw that I was serious and mum believed it could happen. I just nodded.

I didn’t think that mum resisted all that much as she was hauled over his lap.

“At least send her away.” She wailed.

But I wasn’t going to miss this on pain of my own spanking.

The spanking was epic. He started with his hand on the seat of her skirt but over time the layers were removed until she was howling her head off as he spanked away at her by now very red bare bottom.

Then I had an idea. I went and got the deck shoe that mother still used on me sometimes. He looked doubtful.

“She uses this on me for 10 or 15 minutes at a time.” I urged him.

“Only when you deserve it.” Mum protested.

That remark sealed her fate. I can honestly say that mother got the spanking of her life. And afterwards she was put into the corner.

I think I can say for a fact that it is impossible to die of embarrassment because if it were then I would be an orphan now.

I lived with them for five more years. There was no shortage of spankings in our house. Gerard spanked mother and mother spanked me, sparing no pains in making sure that he got an eyeful when it was my turn in the corner.

I got plenty of spanking threats from Gerard but he only actually ever spanked me once. But that is another story.

35 Responses to “A mother’s comeuppance and the spanking stepfather”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Great story, Damian.

    I take it this was a real life account. Have you been collecting accounts like this for a while?

    I’m linking to your story here:


    Didn’t Will Henry have a book out back in the pre-internet dark ages of collected spanking stories that were supposedly from real life? Somehow I doubt they were all real. Anyway, back then you’d take what you could get.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. 2 DJ

    Hi Karl

    It is a work of fiction based upon a much shorter alleged ‘real lief account’. It is from an old project of case studies that was never published.

    Your reference to Will Henry is interesting (see https://voiceinthecorner.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/introducing-dotes/).

    The fiction on this site is usually marked as such – I publish a mix of fiction, semi-fiction and real life accounts.

    I cannot be certain that all the alleged real life accounts are true – The Dotes are the only stories that are about my experiences (sometimes disguised) or stories told to me first hand.

  3. 3 ernesto

    As long as grown-up youngsters are at home, they must be spanked! Naked but is designed for corrective spankings to change bad attitudes and to eliminate delinquent behaviour.

    Among the worst attitudes is cussing and rebellion. A teenager can be extremely unruly and reckless when they think that they can do what they want. No matter how old they are, they must learn that the father and mother have the right to correct their bare behinds, or that they can delegate that authority!

    Sometimes another family relatives can help. A teenager can be sent to an uncle’s house for a couple of months, for behavior adjustment. When thet return, they will be a different person.

    I remember, I was put on a train to visit my father in a foreign country. Before the train parted, a completely strange middle age woman said to me something that made me think during the month I was travelling.

    She said with a complicit smile: “from now on, finally, you will be getting plenty of spanking on the bare. ”

    I even felt strange excitement. But the excitement only increased my rebelious nature. I did not know at the time that the father, whom I never lived with in my life, was a non-nonsense disciplinarian. When I arrived, there were conveyed to him severe complaints about my “incorrigible and rebelious behaviour” during trip.

    Soon as we arrived home, I found myself on a stool, with my bare butt uplifted, whipped with birches soaked in water some 30 times. I remembered the “prophecy” I heard prior to boarding the train.

    This was how my behaviour was corrected for the next several years, until I learned that my father was right.

  4. 4 Giorgio

    Never a woman is too old not to benefit from a loving spanking by father or husband…
    Not even a maid (if well raise, she is) in her 30s has to lack sound spankings and lots of cornertime!

  5. 5 Richard Herndon

    What is good for the girl is good for the elder one i say girl cause they are willing to accept a punishment in stead of acting like an unyealding womem

  6. 6 Just For the Record

    While not an every day occurrence by any means, daughters in their 20s still get spanked. A surprising number of them are from upscale homes and still dependent on their parents for room and board, or other financial support.

  7. 7 Sammy Scott

    Well it certainly happened to me! And I’m 26 and married. When my father-in-law caught me having an affair last year, he gave me an ultimatum. Either he tell my husband and risk divorce. Or he puts me across his knee for a humiliating spanking. I took the 2nd option and kept my husband.

  8. 8 DJ

    Sorry I have never commented here before – thanks guys.

    Sammy – maybe your husband should be the one doing the spanking.

    I trust this was a one of in all regards (ie you haven’t strayed either)?

  9. 9 Sammy

    I know exactly how she feels. When I was 19, I was suspended from college for running topless through a lecture. When I got home, mum spanked me across her knee.

    • 10 DJ

      How long ago was that?

      I do hope you learned your lesson and your education wasn’t too badly disrupted.

  10. 12 DJ

    I trust this was on your bare bottom? Did it hurt?

    Who spanks you now?

    • 13 Sammy

      Yes it was. Can you imagine the humiliation of having your knickers pulled down for a spanking at 19!! Thank goodness nobody saw.

      Well I’m married now but my husband wouldn’t dare

      • 14 DJ

        I bet you have mixed feelings about that since you still have an interest 😉

        • 15 Sammy

          Yes you’re 100% correct. At the time I was so embarrassed. A boyfriend at uni at the time dared me to run topless through a lecture, which I did, and was promptly suspended. As mum was funding me through uni, she didn’t take too kindly to this. So apart from going to bed with a sore bottom, she compounded it by declaring “you’re grounded” for a month. Try explaining that to your boy-friend!!

          As a mother myself now, I’ve often wondered what it would be like if I was punished now.

        • 16 DJ

          Was being spanked at 19 a feature of your life or did it come as a shock?

        • 17 Sammy

          It was most certainly NOT a feature of my life. I’d only being spanked once before and that was at 16. Mind you, in some ways that was worse as my granddad was in the room. So it was a complete shock.

  11. 18 Karen

    I got my first spanking when I was 19. It was from my boss and it was embarrassing and it hurt. 😦

    Not that I did anything to discourage her doing it again. Teehee

    • 19 Sammy

      You got spanked by a woman? How old was she?

      • 20 Karen

        She was about 32 at the time. I had a total crush on her.

        I consented, sort of. Well I kind of prompted her anyway. But I never expected her to do it.

        It happened more than once over about two years.

  12. 21 DJ

    This thread seems to have come alive 🙂

    Welcome Karen – sounds like you have a story to tell.

    And Sammy – did your two spankings awaken your interest in spanking or did you always have it? What do you think now?

    • 22 Sammy

      No. I certainly didn’t always have it. I must admit the thought of being put across a strong guy’s knee and given a good spanking is quite a turn-on. Especially if he ignores my protests about being too old.

      Suppose I could ask my husband but he’s too easily distracted by my other charms lol

      • 23 DJ

        Many people do not begin to explore these needs until much later in life and always wished they had embraced the feelings sooner.

        You could try introducing your husband to the concept of LDD or just light BD SBF. It depends whether light play will serve your needs or you want to recapture that punishment aspect as you sound you might.

        Up to you 😉

        • 24 Sammy

          Maybe the latter. Any suggestions?

        • 25 DJ

          I am guessing you are UK based – which is interesting since you were spanked at 19 and seemingly fairly recently (I am guessing) as you seem young. I associate adult daughter spanking in the common era with the US for some reason.

          If my assumption is incorrect then I don’t know, but I suspect it is easier to find a way in.

          If you are UK-based then a visit to the London Alternative Market or the Fetish Fair for a look just for fun might plant some seeds.

          The party afterwards is good too if you want to hang back and drink to watch. Quite an eye opener for a newbie.

          Otherwise it is just online and sharing erotica maybe.

          Perhaps others have suggestions.

        • 26 Sammy

          Yes…I’m in the UK.

  13. 27 Sammy

    Hi DJ, don’t take this the wrong way. And it’s possibly because I’ve had a few drinks. But I’m wearing an emerald green blouse. Extra button left provocatively undone and satin pencil skirt and fish-net stockings and suspenders cos I’m out with the girls tonight. Can’t help thinking what I need is what happened to the mum above lol

    • 28 DJ

      You certainly should think about that – what would you husband say? I am shocked. I know what I would do.


      • 29 Sammy

        And what would you do? Please tell.

        • 30 DJ

          If I were your husband I would put you across my knee and spank you twice. Once before corner time and again afterwards.

          The first for your behaviour and the second for flirting with me.

          I dare you to show him this post.

        • 31 Sammy

          How old are you by the way?

        • 32 DJ

          That’s private information young lady – but I am nearer 50 than 40 if you must know.

        • 33 Sammy

          Hm..a real “father-figure” lol

          Well in my emerald shirt and black skin-tight satin pencil skirt, I think more than my husband would want a front-row seat at me being taken down a peg or two lol

        • 34 DJ

          Just be careful what you wish for 😉

        • 35 Sammy

          Hee hee lol

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