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Part 1 here For the second time in little over a week Carolynn was completely unable to sit down. Although it had to be said that it was entirely her own fault, she thought ruefully. Well not entirely, she definitely had a bone to pick with her sister Imogen. First things first, taking slow painful […]

Old School


Kimberly was bored. A trip to the charity shop had been fun, but there was only so much vintage clothing a girl could buy. Not that they didn’t have some neat stuff, she thought admiring herself in the shop window. The woman looking back her was much younger and might be taken for a girl […]

Happy Easter


Vintage Sunday


Happy Easter


Happy Easter everyone.

Part 1 here “What the hell do you think you are up to?” Carolynn raged at John. “We have an arrangement, a private arrangement… well anyway… but the point is that this is about me… I mean us… Jesus Christ John why didn’t you tell me… she is just a….” John Dacia was still trying […]

Real Deals


Indigo and I are a bit pissed off at the moment. She still hasn’t had a chance to write for the blog and now she has had to work on her substitute day off. Monday, her usual day off was taken up with a new project and now she has to work on her substitute […]

It sounds like the title of a risqué spanking novel, and indeed I may swipe it for a short sometime. But actually this is a short article about the memoirs of a plantation owner’s wife entitled Days of Glory. A fusty old tome written before world war two, but it does feature some brief spanking. […]

Weekly Round-Up


The Spring Equinox is with us, so happy Ostara (or Eostara if you prefer). It is the beginning of the pagan whipping season and all of those fertility rites, particularly in central and Eastern Europe. If I see anything I’ll be sure to keep you appraised. The spanking blog has a little piece on what […]

Vintage Sunday