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Our story started here. Stephan tossed a stone and watched it skip out to meet the waves. The beach looked different in daylight and without Chelsea it was downright lonely. The skipping stone did not get far before it was swallowed by a breaker; white horses his mother had called them when she was alive. […]

Agony Aunt


Amy was apprehensive all the way back from work. It began as small tug in her tummy, which had grown to full-scale clawing by the time she had got home. Home was a four bedroom semi in a rural suburb of London that she lived in with three other girls. Girls, there was that word […]

Just you wait


“Just you wait until your father gets home young lady,” Aunt Rachel scolded. Rachel didn’t even bother to look up from her make-up as she spoke. In fact she barely paid any mind to what she was saying, being more concerned with whether or not her lipstick would match or clash with her long reddish […]

Here is an amusing little anecdotal snippet. Recently 21-year-old Fiona moved out of home and in with some other young people. In the guise of helping move house, father, mother and an aunt made themselves available with cars and humping boxes etc, just so that they could check things out and meet the new housemates […]

Susie froze in the glare of the hall light. Any chance she had had to bluff it out had been thrown away by the act of taking off her shoes to sneak in. “What time do you call this?” Her father sounded furious. Did parents all read the same cliché manual? Although this was no […]

Our story started here. Darius finished putting the last swats of Jen’s spanking across her bared bottom as his sensors suggested that an optimum punishment had been given. This despite calls from the informal audience who had gathered at the quay, who were demanding the spanking to continue. They were still laughing openly and mocking […]

Following the weekend’s post a little digging (if you pardon the pun) was called for. The use of the garden (or the yard as it is called in the US) for public chastisement, has a long tradition. One account even has William the Bastard spanking his wife in a kitchen garden, although some say he […]

It’s been a week of revelations. And there have been three conversations that have led to a revaluation of how likely to be true certain salacious and fantastic anecdotes posted here and elsewhere are. For instance, back in 2009 A Voice carried a feature on birching in Kent into modern times. Although the dinner table […]

“Do try and calm down dear,” her mother said oh-so patiently. “I don’t want to calm down, I don’t want…” Camilla was seething; she couldn’t even spit out the words. It was all she could do to stamp her foot and flounce off to her room. “Camilla dear the dressmaker is waiting, the wedding is […]

“I don’t see why you shouldn’t bring your friends over as planned honey. After all it’s not your fault.” Dana broke off from applying her lipstick for a moment and glanced at her youngest daughter, Dakota, who was standing in the corner. Freya followed the direction of her mother’s look. Darn the little brat she […]