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Happy New Year


No Round-Up this week. Have a Happy New Year.

The last graphic was submitted by TipTopper and is a real cutting of sales good offered by Eric Wildman. As previously reported here on A Voice in the Corner: Eric was an Englishman who advocated corporal punishment of girls in the UK and the US. He made and sold implements during the 1950s, 60s and […]

Snowed Under


Actually it is raining, but rained-under isn’t so romantic. It’s funny how the holidays leave less time for blogging than the usual working week. Never mind there is some cool stuff coming and I don’t mean snow, although now that it is surplus to requirements I bet that arrives too.

A Fantasy Found


Thanks to Rachel for this contribution. It has been edited and posted with her permission. Rachel wrote: Ever since I can remember I have had spanking fantasies and as the years have gone by they have got more extreme. And so on turning 30, after a few half-hearted experiences with boyfriends, I decided to get […]

Merry Christmas


The Girl


Samantha first noticed the girl on account of her old-fashioned dress. She was walking across the courtyard towards the house right through the others without deigning to notice them. She had a forbidding air about her, which on some level at least Samantha’s cousins must have respected, for they made no move to hurl a […]

Our story began here. Catherine felt sick like she had drunk too much and reality was spinning around her head trying to have nothing to do with her. Each step she took towards the admin building felt as if someone else was walking and she had to carefully plant each foot before trusting it to […]

The evocative picture above is an old one, but it seemed to go with this snippet that has been waiting for an opportunity for an outing. Taken from Life Forum and is by Clare1958: Having messed up my A Levels twice I thought I was lucky to get a place at Higher Education College to […]

Our story began here. The first half-an-hour facing the wall had been a blur for Catherine. She had been too busy crying and processing the total humiliation of taking an over the knee spanking from Jeanette. Then as she came to her senses she became aware of the mundane, such as the draft on her […]

Our story began here. Melanie had given up trying to hold back the tears. There wasn’t the slightest chance that anyone seeing her walking back to her room wouldn’t know she had just been thoroughly thrashed in any case. Her hands hovered permanently over her behind, which managed to at the same time throb with […]