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Melanie Crow eased herself through the door taking small careful steps. She knew there was another girl waiting and studiously avoided any eye contact as she left. It was a cinch that this new student of Roland Archer had heard everything and if Mel’s pain wasn’t written on her face, a blush certainly was. Charlie […]



TipTopper sent another batch of artwork from his inexhaustible collection of vintage magazines. Many thanks to him. Here is a selection.

Roaring 1920s


Not so much flappers as a bit of a flap. This was what those flappers’ fathers were looking at in those ‘gentleman’s’ magazines in the 1920s. Another eclectic mix of spanking drawings sent in by TipTopper.

Tip Top Images


Here is another set sent in by TipTopper

A few 1960s images sent in by TipTopper.

Tip Top OTK


A set of images from TipTopper. As he says nowadays it unusual to see the same spanking from different angles in a photo set like this. Originally from the Lyndon Publication Spank Hard, edited by Eve Howard (under the name Lizzie Bennett)

This picture was sent in by TipTopper

Here is a set of drawings from a 1960s magazine sent in by TipTopper.

Sorry cowgirl


This pouting naughty cowgirl was sent in by TipTopper. It is from a 1978 calender and you have to agree that the sub-text to this photo-shoot is highly suggestive.

Tip Top