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Introducing Less Than Three, a new spanking blog from Sweden.  

He had made her stand on the half stair above the entrance hall. To be sure she was out of sight of the door for now, but that could always change. Her nose was to the corner, exactly touching the point at which the two walls met at the foot of the second set of […]

Okay this is a silly post, but given the strange climate we are having is it worth asking if weather affects spanking. Specifically is one more likely to spank or be spanked when it is raining or when it is sunny? One might say that al fresco weather increases the opportunity to spank. However, does […]

Some couples have tempestuous relationships and some would not want it any other way. This is a short piece of fiction inspired by a true story. Be warned it includes some sexual content. He spanked her, she couldn’t believe it, he had actually spanked her. “Who the hell do you think you are?” She raged. […]

Something fishy


This is an offering from TipTopper. It is from a 1960s vanilla men’s magazine. Not sure who it is supposed to appeal to, maybe it’s a sub-fetish? Anyway, enjoy.

Raw: Strangers


Lieutenant Casey Franks stood almost five feet ten inches, too tall for most women on Raw, a fact that had almost cost her this assignment. However, Casey possessed one attribute that most of her colleagues did not; a single-minded dedication to the Matriarch’s cause. But right now Casey had another problem; looking about she could […]

Here is a new outfit that might be worth a look. looks like it might the place where sometimes fantasy meets reality. It features pictures, articles and a shop for spanking and bondage paraphernalia.

Raw is a series of sci-fi novellas that have an overlapping story with many of the same characters. The next short story is set to be published on Saturday. As they are not strictly parts you might want to catch-up by reading the previous novellas in order. Be aware that each is around 16,000 words […]

Buz Sawyer was an American cartoon strip that ran from 1943 through to 1989. Created by Roy Crane, who was the lead artist until 1979, it told the story of a US Navy pilot through his exploits in the Second World War and civilian life. He later ‘re-enlisted’ to fight in Korea and even Vietnam. […]

No Comment


It seems that WordPress have changed the system again and some people are having difficulties making comments on some blogs. Officially you have to be logged-on to a WordPress or other recognised account, although some have managed to comment without so being. Also some people have been duly logged-on but have still been prevented from […]