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Our story began here. Mary had run her little speech through mind over and over and each recall had caused a festival of blushing. But finally she had managed to work out her humbling request. However, now that she stood outside Alice’s door her courage began to falter and words once set in her head wriggled […]

Here are a few snippets based on overheard conversations. This on a train. “I was in a shitty mood so I suppose I deserved it,” says a 20-something woman. “Yeah but…” mutters an embarrassed friend. “No I had been ragging him all day,” insists first woman. “Was George or Linda there?” says friend. “No thank […]

Summer Shame


Sandy ran her hand through her long blonde hair as she pursed her lips and frowned. There was a small chip on the base of the ceramic statuette, the third she had found that morning. For a moment she considered putting the object at the back of the shelf and hoping Lilian wouldn’t notice, but […]

Leave it out


No Weekly Round-up this week as I am on leave.

Vintage Sunday


As promised here is a collection of snippets bundled under the label of Oriental Spanking. One is from Japan, one a Chinese-American perspective, and lastly an Anglo-Korean one. I understand that in actuality there is as much cultural linkage between these countries as Malta and Sweden say, and that this a retro Victorian imperialist label. […]

Rebecca sent these ‘real’ pictures in. They certainly look real enough. She doesn’t claim they are anything other than pulled off of Flickr and says her own sorority pictures are much more graphic, but private. But she does provide a commentary by way of an insight into her own college life. She says of the […]

LSF have published another story collection of mine. The blurb runs: The stories featured in this volume share a common theme – all have domestic settings in which the females of the household are on the receiving end of discipline administered by a male member of the family, usually the husband or father. These stories embrace […]

This is a work of fiction suggested by real events. At 18 I had two close encounters with the cane; both of them in my last term of Sixth Form College. I was generally a good girl and had for the most part escaped any run-ins with either Mrs B the head of year or […]