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Our story began here. The next day Amelia did not move easily and sat not at all. I came down to breakfast in time to see her failed attempt at taking her place for the meal. She had been easing herself down on one hip but leaped up again clutching at her bottom. “Tender I […]

Emma’s trials


Emma had been under Mildred’s tutelage for a month now. On three occasions she had almost left, but something had held her. She was totally out of her depth, a point underpinned after the first week when Mildred had written out a resignation from her job and demanded that Emma sign it. It was the […]

This blog concerns itself solely with the correction of grown-up young women but from time to time snippets cross the editors path that warrant a small glance. Here a few random words, all on a theme. To a UK woman’s magazine: “I was told off when I was 15 for being late to class. I […]

Lizzie Baines story starts here. The spanking of the three bullies was something of a high point that week. The three of us enjoyed Amelia’s discomfort, safe in the knowledge that wild horses couldn’t drag an admission from her. However, in the days that followed Cindy became increasingly morose. I was not to know it […]

Sometimes you see something in passing or overhear a partial conversation that suggests a whole host of possibilities. What did that woman just say? Why is that girl rubbing her bottom and is that really just the effects of the sun you can see on an otherwise perfect tan? There are many adventures and stories […]

Lizzie Baines begins here. About a week later, Cindy, Mary and I took a walk back along from the turnpike. There was not much traffic at that time of day, although school was out. But in those days, school children weren’t chauffeured to and from school they either walked or took the bus. On this […]

Just got back and it seems that 10 days without a post has hardly dented the traffic as we have hit the 600,000 mark while offline. (whoops! Of course we hit that mark just 10 days ago as mentioned in the previous post – sorry long plane ride! Any takers for 617,523?) There have been […]

On the sixth of August 2009, A Journey Begins with the First Step post launched this blog. Six people looked in during that first week and only 565 during the whole of that month. To put that into context we now get an average of 2,500 visitors a day. In all we have had nearly […]

The story begins here. Ma let me go to bed without the humiliating supper ritual. She was keen that Mary not know she had been spied upon. It made sense at the time, but looking back it seems strange given Ma’s proclivities for public humiliation. I was lying in bed, belly down of course, with […]

Lizzie Baines starts here. I had noticed Mary walking dejectedly up the stairs and by now I knew that look so I followed her. As I thought, Ma met her outside the sewing room. Mary was red in the face and looked decidedly sheepish as she was led into the room and they closed the […]