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A young women writing to an online advice column asked if it was normal to receive a bare bottom spanking from her parents. She was an American girl in her late teens living at home and although not seemingly resentful of her treatment, was rather concerned that she was getting a raw deal compared with […]

Can we reach half a million by the first anniversary in August? That is up to you. Thanks for all the support so far. Thanks also to the Hazer, who says the Voice has won a spanking award for most Eclectic Spanking Blog. Had to look up the word (it isn’t rude). However no idea […]

This is as fictionalised account inspired by apparently real events. With a stress on the apparently, but it is supposed to have happened in California, so who knows? Anyway, most of the events in this story did not happen, as far as anyone knows and are entirely fictitious. But you can believe it all if […]

A few weeks back there was a post on spanking in hell, which had been inspired very closely by a dream. This contribution has similar origins (don’t ask) and could almost be classed as fan fiction. The BBC had a comedy drama called Love Soup, staring: Tamsin Grieg (Black Books, Green Wing and The Archers), […]

“Do you think I was right to spank her?” “I don’t know. I am not sure if it sends the right message.” “What do you mean?” “Well OK she was bullying her sister, but haven’t you just shown her that being bigger is the only justification by spanking her?” “I agree totally.” Said the third […]

It had been years since she had walked this lane. It all seemed so much smaller now. Although the glade through the trees was more obscured now as the trees had filled out in the intervening years. As they went down the lane towards the house, she pointed out things to her husband. Inane things, […]

“Miss Templeton I had an arrangement with your father.” William Sturbridge said. “I know nothing about any such arrangement. I presume you have something in writing?” Alice Templeton replied, returning a confident stare. “You know I have no such thing. Your father and I had a verbal agreement.” “Well there you are then. Why should […]

Vulcan was displeased with his daughter. He had only been away for a day or two, to see to a few things in Hawaii as it happened, when hell literally started spilling over in Iceland. “I can handle it dad.” Valerie had said. “Are you sure? You know what happened last time, most of Europe […]

This story is part of the Rachel Kent universe. With the glad tidings and surfeit of hugging over it was time for the old friends to climb into their hated salioresque blue school uniforms. Nevertheless, Elisabeth had been looking forward to getting back to school all summer and now that it had finally arrived, she […]

The last post, From the Top Shelf, was about British spanking magazine’s as republished in the new blog of the same name (see link on right). Interestingly several people thought it was about Hermonie’s regular feature about paperback novels that contain spanking references. Before the magazines, for most of us there was indeed the search […]