House Rules


inspecting the results of a spanked bottomIn 1923 young college girls arriving at their boarding house in Richmond Virginia would not have been surprised to see a list of rules on the wall.

No gentlemen callers after 7.30pm
No gentlemen visitors to be allowed in rooms at any time
No food to be eaten in your rooms
No alcohol at any time
No demonstrative or unseemly behavior
A strict curfew of 10.00pm is to be observed Sunday thru Thursday
A strict curfew or 10.30pm is to be observed on Friday and Saturday nights
Lights out by 11.30pm
Young ladies are to be correctly attired at all times (hats and gloves are to be worn before leaving)
All young ladies must attend church on Sunday’s
All young ladies must write home at least once a week

Such rules as these were typical of every boarding house in America or indeed much of the rest of the so-called ‘civilised’ world at the time.

What may have surprised them, however, was the fact these rules were printed on a Maplewood paddle and not the kind that you find in a canoe. It was a less than subtle clue to what the consequences of not following the rules might be.

Mrs Kitty Eldridge was not above applying three to six swat to the panties of ‘her girls’ when they misbehaved and that was just for openers.

“I was used to such ‘reprimands’ from my father, so a little panty-warming now and then was a fair price to pay for a little fun. However, what I did not figure on was Mrs Eldridge’s ire, after coming home late three nights in a row. On my third night on the tiles, that determined woman seized by the scruff and dragged me to her room whereupon she applied a not-so-little stinger to my hiney. After first taking the trouble to shuck it down bare. Yes my friends my very own landlady gave me a bare bottomed spanking right there in her parlour until I was beet-red and bawling like a kid. I doubt if one of my compatriots missed the hullabaloo for certainly the next morning and for many days after I was greeted with no few smirks from my fellows at breakfast or when I past them in the hall.”

“To make matters worse, Mrs Eldridge informed me that I had used up all my credit with her and she would deal with me in like manner from ‘here on in’ and for the very least slip. I would like to say that put paid to the matter once and for all, but I had sad occasion to revisit her parlour more times than I count ever after and never again was I gently handled.”

So wrote 20-year-old Miss Mary Jane Whitmore in her memoirs more than 30 years later.

Thanks to Dr Roman for that little snippet. Good to hear from you again David.

11 Responses to “House Rules”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    What a great picture. And the anecdote sounds totally authentic as well.

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Karl

      comes from the same source as the Markham stuff from two years back.


  2. 3 George

    Quite liberal!
    Any what happens to those who don’t follow such rules?

    • 4 DJ

      What post areyou reading?

      Mrs Kitty Eldridge was not above applying three to six swat to the panties of ‘her girls’ when they misbehaved and that was just for openers.

      DJ 😉

  3. 5 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    My deeper reading of this snippet is that what we have here described is (or rather was) a then socially acceptable process by which young women who felt they still needed spankings, to continue to receive them under the guise of “punishment”, and for landladies who may have enjoyed administering spankings to have an opportunity to do so, without having to publicly admit that they got off on it.

    All the needy young woman need do to trigger a spanking was to repeatedly flout the “rules” which were so clearly and suggestively displayed. Of course the fact that she was doing it deliberately, to get a spanking, would forever remain her own little secret!

    And if the landlady was suffering from a lack of “willing” misbehavers, she just had to tighten up her monitoring and enforcement of “the rules” and she was sure to catch someone up sooner or later. Meanwhile the deeper motives of both parties could remain murky at best. Others might suspect, but could they ever know?

  4. These sound like excellent rules to me. I think no gentlemen callers should be allowed in a lady’s house. I may implement such a rule myself. 🙂

    • Wait a minute. A you saying you run such a boarding house?
      I realize this was posted 3 1/2 years ago and I’m a bit late on the response.

  5. 8 Scarlet

    poppy, that leaves ungentlemanly callers. You may want to rethink that…

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Maybe they would be more fun.

  7. I know this article is an oldie, but there is an ongoing conversation on my forum with a lady who rents to college girls with a firm hand. Interesting reading. I’d like to believe it’s true.

  1. 1 - Chross Guide To The Spanking Internet

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