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Sorry, still a bit under here and having to work. Normal service will resume very soon. Meanwhile here are some pictures.

Vintage Sunday


“What is it for exactly?” the proprietor asked. He was an old-fashioned sort of cove, with a grey tweed suit and silver shading at his temples amid otherwise salt and pepper hair. Although he had a friendly manner, he had a somewhat severe way of peering down at her over his thin wire specs. Jane […]

Part 1 here Carolynn had never felt so awkward; John Dacia certainly knew his business. Here she was in a strange house dressed in in nothing but in a silk blouse over her bra and a pair of hold-up stockings worn with her own shoes. The juxtaposition of her lower nudity and such mundane surroundings […]

I saw this picture and realised that you don’t see enough nose to corner classic shots. While I put the finish on the next part of The Deal, consider this one.

Part 1 here Imogen frowned and dropped the leaf of her magazine as she craned her neck. A curtain of black hair slipped from her shoulder to contrive to obscure her view for a second and she tossed her head in annoyance. Her elder sister Carolynn was walking with an awkwardness Imogen hadn’t seen since […]

Weekly Round-Up


Well that was a trip away that went wrong. Both Mrs Black and I were laid low with the Swine Flu, a particularly nasty strain that I cannot recommend. I would like to say things are back to normal, but all recovery is slow this time. It has played havoc with everything, not least some […]

Vintage Sunday


Candid Corner


Some fun and not so fun games. Julie sent me the top two pictures ages ago and I am sorry I forgot about them so thanks Julie. She didn’t reply to my question for details but in her one and only mail she said ‘one of these is a real spanking and the other is a […]

Vintage Update


I published the top picture some time ago as part of a Vintage Sunday. The quality is appalling, but the subject slight unusual and has an authentic feel. Then I cam across this slightly better version and thought I would share. The wide angle of the room with the ‘shamed’ woman almost secondary is a long […]