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It has been said that the first spanking in history was when Eve went over Adam’s knee after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. However, before there was even a Bible the ancient Egyptians had already incorporated spanking into their religion. To the followers of the goddess Isis spanking was actually a sacred […]

Weekly Round-Up


An old work mate of mine used to mock our colleagues in the American office and their can do – no problemo attitude. I can hear him and his pseudo estuary accent on the phone to Washington even now; “Yes mate there is a problem, so spare me the hype and fix it.” I only […]

Vintage Sunday


This snippet is from the Toronto-based publication, Justice Weekly, in 1949. It is taken from a letter from a woman who recounted her experience as a clerical worker in an office during the Depression. She it she tells of how she was caught stealing from her employer and was almost dismissed. Her boss was so […]

This is another popular and familiar TV spanking from the 1970s. It is from a farcical  Sci-Fi series included within the Two Ronnie’s TV show, which was mainstream on Saturday nights in the UK. The premise is that in the future women rule the country and men have to secretly get together to watch old […]

Part I The finger of morning sun pierced the small castle windows with a cascade of beams like an accusatory fingers, each landing in a pool of golden light at intervals along the passage floor marking Sofia’s passing like theatre illuminations on a stage. Even now she felt as if her behind had been polished […]

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This is from an early 1970s magazine article called Pop Goes the Music. This partial cutting, a poor photocopy, was sent in by Emmy Z, so thanks to her. It was hard to read and mostly concerned interviews with long forgotten music acts in an article about parents’ reactions to the music business and their […]

Weekly Round-Up


The Spank Statement continues to get better. Last week they had a post on Men are like street cars; a 1950s play that seems to have generated an unusual number of spanking pictures.  Richard Windsor has been publishing many scenes from this play for months, but it was good to see a single post digest […]

Vintage Sunday


Here are a few interesting pictures. The first two are Argentinian. There is a touch of authenticity to the first picture in which the man’s wife appears embarrassed as if this is a genuine candid shot. The second might be a what happens next. The third picture is interesting too as it appears to be of […]