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This picture was sent in by TipTopper

Our story began here. There was no way Mary was going to sit down for a while. But she so mortified was she that that was the least of her worries. She doubted that she would be able to look either Tatiana or Sylvia in the eye for some time to come. Worst still she […]

Weekly Round-up


Last week we reported on the British Prime Minister’s personal crusade against adult material online. It had been assumed at that point that he would eventually unveil some coherent plans that would then go before Parliament. But it seems he has already brokered a deal with the industry or so he claims. What the actual […]

Spanking Heroines through the Ages Paul sent in this nice little review of my latest book. Thanks Paul. Damian Black has produced another little gem. The first is an adventure in ancient Rome in which a modern female archaeological professor, finds herself transported to a Temple of Apollo. She is thought to be a runaway […]

Cary had heard about Tom from a friend. Only her friend had thought it was funny; openly mocking people who would visit this unusual man. But the details had been intriguing, more than intriguing even and secretly Cary had been excited by the whole idea. “He doesn’t even charge money,” her friend had cackled, “You […]

It is hot and nothing is queued up yet. You can speculate on what movie the above pictures are from and what is going on with the crowd scene.

Here is a set of drawings from a 1960s magazine sent in by TipTopper.

Weekly Round-up


It has been (and is being) a busy week so amid dashing around I just have time to write a quick post. Although it occurs to me that since I have nothing to say about a certain birth no one will be reading this. On that note it is worth saying that if David Cameron […]

Although I get the odd eye-rolling from young ladies who are strictly M/F when it comes to spanking tastes, one of the most requested subjects for articles is sororities. Of course there is a limited amount of information in the public domain on this, but from time to time new anecdotes do turn up. I […]

Our story began here. Mary rearranged the flowers in the hall for the umpteenth time before she was satisfied. It was one of the more relaxing tasks she had to attend to that day. She had tried teaching Tatiana in the past, but the girl had neither eye nor a feel for it. In any […]