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Ever had an erotic nightmare? This one is literally stranger than hell. If you have strong religious beliefs then you should read no further. This is not a constructed vision of an afterlife, or even a very original one. It is one that once reached into an ordinary night’s slumber and dragged our hero in. […]

Here is another little snippet from days of yore. New York in 1900 was often overcrowded and many families lived on top of each other and there was often little privacy. The cheap construction of the housing meant that the walls were often very thin. Things had presumably not changed much 30 years later, a […]

Still somewhere in mainland Europe. Today we ended up in a small lakeside village that used to be very much more important. A short visit to the local castle revealed that it had a dungeon. Whilst this is not unusual, it was interesting to note that one area was described as the ‘women’s oubliette’. Some […]

The recent volcano has caused some interesting travel arrangements this week. So it was with some surprise that a taxi ride through Paris ended up on the agenda. It is interesting what one can see in a strange city and how it fuels the imagination. For instance at a particularly dangerous moment two young women […]

This story is part of the Rachel Kent universe. “Mrs Bainbridge I assure you that I will not wear such a silly school outfit.” Elisabeth continued her protest. Mrs Bainbridge waited until she was sure Rachel had gone and then she turned on her young charge. “I assure you that you will.” With that, she […]

More than eight months into the A Voice in the Corner project and we have gone from a few dozen visitors a day to a number that is consistently into the thousands. We have now had over 300,000 visitors as of today so a big thank you for all the support. The daily traffic has […]

Back in December there was a post that asked: That first foray into spanking, when did you know? This was a brief collection of reminiscences from various sources about when people first knew they were a spanko. However, although quite a lot of material was collected for that article, it was mostly lost after a […]

The further adventures of Rachel Kent Rachel had been beating the carpet for an age now and still the dust would not get out. It was times like these that she longed for Boston where one had the help and much less dust. Not that she thought of Boston much. It had been two years […]

Spring rites of fertility pre-date civilisation. The ancients, before the restraints of civilisation used to relate to the world in a more fundamental way. They knew that death and rebirth were linked, as were creation and destruction. This is all bound up in notions of birth and sacrifice and pleasure and pain. That is why […]

Now that I have your attention (Again). It seems that this has been a misunderstanding and Rolin is not the author of our probably bogus news report.  Rollin has written a similar work of fiction. See more on this story and others at the Spanking Library. Confused? Obviously we are. So was this a hoax or was […]