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Not sure what to say about this. It gets regularly visited but somehow has escaped being linked. Fun is the word. This week’s blog is Beauty and the Birch.

Angela’s Story begins here. I get bored sometimes. Not often and not usually when I’m with David, but tonight I was. We hadn’t been out together for a while and I had hoped to go somewhere exciting, but we had ended up going to the local pub. I couldn’t complain too much as David had […]

Raw: Precious


A month after her father had died and there was still no word about the will. At first it had all seemed so straight forward. The Institute had been interested in her continuing studies with them and the house would come to her. Then it had all got complicated. First the Institute had told her […]

Hairbrush Heaven was the title of a book once found rummaging around in an old box of old books. Judging from the dog-eared state of the old 1960s paperback, yours truly wasn’t the only one who had perused it for some time hoping to find some sadly missing good bits. The hairbrush as a spanking […]

Must admit this is blatant favouritism, but this young lady had bounced back from a nasty experience and deserves some praise. She also deserves a spanking, but that’s another story. Poppy St Vincent recently got herself a mentor who turned out to be one of those insecure ‘bash ‘em until they break’ wankers. Not to […]

Abaconti stood at the window watching the rain blast the city below while his son tried to placate the client. He was good under the circumstances, Abaconti thought. “Have you tried the salmon?” Tom Abaconti said casually. “We didn’t come all the way across the Atlantic to eat darn fish sandwiches,” the Texan drawled in […]

Now if you live in the United States, which is about half the readers of this blog, then this post is going to be a complete mystery to you. Over here in England, where the English live, we speak a language called English. We’ll pause here so you can read that sentence again. Now in […]

It’s been a week of revelations. And there have been three conversations that have led to a revaluation of how likely to be true certain salacious and fantastic anecdotes posted here and elsewhere are. For instance, back in 2009 A Voice carried a feature on birching in Kent into modern times. Although the dinner table […]

Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous; nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them, which are exercised thereby. Hebrews 12:11, KJB There are many websites of Christian organisations advocating spanking as the path to a happy marriage and even more blogs of couples (almost always American) […]

Barely Pink should be Blushing Red, such a shameless girl. This week’s blog is the Pink Report, mainly because of her spicy post on ginger, but also because she said such nice things about your truly in her web interview on Blossom and Thorn last week.