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This picture turned up on Tumblr some time ago. It is almost certainly from a standard spanking movie shoot, some of you may even know which one. However, this print looks like it was taken with a camera phone and has an amateur feel to it. With the way in which the young lady is […]

Hue and Cry


The first splat made both the waiting girls start a little. It was to be a hand spanking then, they both realised, but there was no doubt from the sound that the Laird’s hand was striking bare flesh. The chestnut-haired Mairead sucked in her lower lip to chew on and stole a glance at Anne. […]

The Hays Code, an odious instrument of cultural censorship that plagued America between 1930 and 1968 may have been a blessing disguise for the spanking community. The Code, which was not universally adopted and enforced until 1934 prohibited a whole range of on-screen activities that we today would view as ridiculous as chopping of the […]

This was clipping was sent in by a gentleman called RalphG. He is not sure what magazine it is from, but thinks it is from the mid-1950s, which matches the US population of that time. It is a bit illegible on this scan but he was kind enough to provide the text. He says he […]

Weekly Round-up


The pictures above are taken from Cherry Red, Devlin O’Neill, Beauty and the Birch and finally Cutie Pie, who have captured ‘the look’ again as discussed in yesterday’s post. For a story, Rollin has a bit of fan fiction on his blog – namely a ‘how it should have been’ short inspired by Ken Follet’s […]

The Look


This picture reminded me of someone. It’s the look isn’t it? You know the one, it is supposed to be a withering stare that says ‘You wouldn’t dare,” but it really says is ‘you need to spank me harder and longer than you were intending to.’ You have just said, “What do you think you […]

New intro page


Been doing some housekeeping and I thought that my about page was uninformative and somewhat pretentious. It’s still pretentious, but at least it is a new one. A voice in the corner of my mind whispered you are not alone. So as a young man I searched the second-hand bookshops, the libraries and Saturday afternoon […]

Spanks Giving


I have heard that Thanksgiving in the US is a family affair. In the light of recent comments here I do hope that you all had a good one and that there were no mishaps with all those Freshman college girls home for holidays. Talking about Thanksgiving, the pictures above come from a movie called […]

Nathalie paused at the door and sighed. She had only been back three days and already seemed like she had never been away. Although in truth it had been a long time since she had been home for more than an overnight stay. Home, she frowned. I haven’t lived here for 10 years, she thought, […]

Our story began here. Julie’s jaw ached a little, it was an odd thing to notice under the circumstances, although hardly surprising. She was still clenching it now as she rid out waves of pain while clasping a cushion with both hands. Her whole bottom was actually on fire as if she had been dragged […]