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Following on from yesterday’s theme here are a couple of pictures I have had for a while. I thought they were unusual in that they are genuine spanking pictures and not just run of the mill erotica from the era that merely draws upon spanking to titillate.

It has been a while since we have had a little history post. This is a short snippet about a maid probably sometime between the world wars. As you probably know, in England until the Second World War and even up until the late 1950s the middle classes and even some well-paid workers had ‘a […]

Our story began here. Standing in the corner, Sylvia felt awkward, embarrassed, foolish, humiliated and strangely, safe, all at once. On several occasions one of the maids or other girls had chanced by, and Sylvia had whirled around angrily to confront the intrusion. The first time this had happened it had been Tatiana standing there […]

Weekly Round-up


The first picture above is of a rather public corner time and it was taken from Aunt Carla. The comic strip was one that Stan found and finally a shameless plug for Crimson and Black in the shape of this vintage otk spanking picture. While we are on the subject of shameless plugs, (No not […]

Times have certainly changed, but this depicts a prevailing sentiment of the 1950s and 1960s. The fact that the strip refers to a grown married woman as a child rather says it all. Still it is a fun blast from the past and one for all those 1950s household fans. As ever this picture was […]



Where did this story begin? Was it the day that Sylvia Burns decided that she would never marry unless it was for money? Was it before that, when Gerald Peters made his first million? Or is this a story that is as old as time, where a young woman of a certain outlook, shall we […]


I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning both on and off line this week. Not as much fun as this though.

The girl raced down the lane seemingly doing 150 on her gleaming silver Japanese motorbike forcing Liam Brady to side-step onto the grass verge. Okay, he thought she was probably only doing 40, but in the narrow country road it was just too fast. Like you never went speeding anywhere, he berated himself. Maybe you […]

It was hard to say where it had begun. For hours she had been hurled headlong between sleep and waking; a kind of dream state haunted by long tunnels and people in white coats leering at her through small openings in her cell door. “You are going to get such a spanking,” he said in […]