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It is typical of life that just as three or four major life events collide, within a few weeks the in-tray gets full to bursting. That is the nature of the world I suppose. In Ancient Rome a conquering hero had a slave at his shoulder during a Triumph telling him ‘Remember you are mortal.’ Most […]

Al fresco spanking has its risks; not least you might get caught. See this near-miss anecdote and you’ll see what I mean. The same girl also got switched in the woods just yards from what turned out to a family camping ground whilst on holiday. In both cases the al fresco situation was incidental and […]

Bikers, motorcycle clubs and the whole female submission thing is something that I have come across off and on for years. It has always fascinated me, but at the same time the open sexism, occasional misogyny and even criminality has tempered my erotic curiosity somewhat. Now it is important to stress that not all bikers […]

I recently had a great letter from 74-year-old Ged who gave permission to publish this anecdote from his life as a publican. * I have just found your excellent blog A Voice in the Corner. I have a short true story from circa 1974. My then wife and I took over a Pub in a […]

On seeing this picture I was reminded of the time I spanked a girl in a hammock. If you were ever thinking of trying it then think again or else take great care. We had taken a cottage for the summer and in a holiday spirit we strung two hammocks up in the conservatory. It […]

Maybe you didn’t go to college. The chances are that if you hail from the 1970s or 80s when those of a certain age were expected follow the scholar’s path then you didn’t. Back then, in the UK anyway, college was an elitist pursuit, dominated for the most part by the privately educated and grammar […]

One was having a little chat the other day with one who knows. She said that the cane is one of the things that she fears most. That got us talking about personal histories of the cane and why it has such a hold on some people’s collective psyches. One has to suspect that the […]

We all know what is likely. We all know what is certain. There are rules. If something sounds too unlikely, too good to be true even, then we know it must be. You hear stories sometimes, whispers posted on a forum and someone replies with great authority: “I doubt…” and they have spoken. Then sometimes […]

After yesterday’s post the telephone rang and the conversation turned to a mutual friend who had recently married and moved away. The mutual friend in question, unknown to telephone friend, had been the conspirator in a few spanking adventures, so the reminiscences did not entirely coincide. One incident in particular set into motion a train […]

Wow, it is hard to believe that Kevin’s sister was forgotten. Kevin wasn’t his real name, but to protect the innocent and all that. Kevin and yours truly had known one another since junior school, this would have been the 1970s and we used to hang out into our teens. Usually we went to his […]