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Rosalind yawned, her striking hazel eyes widening and ran her hands through her half-secured wayward strawberry blonde hair. To an outsider she was pretty and filled out her clothes well, but she carried herself with careless confidence and cared little for such things. She was supposed to be a manager, but she hated it. Just […]

Part 1 can be found here. Megan held herself up off the saddle with her aching thighs and blushed every time she thought of the exaggerated pose of her back-thrust bottom. The curves of her behind still prickled with a pervasive aching soreness, but it only really bothered her now when she forgot herself an […]



She knew her face was pink, or maybe it was red. She turned it over to find a cool sheet once more, her right cheek having already burned a hole in the cover she felt it time to renew the relief. The bed vibrated under her heart as it pushed out an unheeded mayday message. […]

Charlie’s office is bright and airy; the epitome of modern. Not the least bit like Miss Parmenter’s office back in school, no, not the least… so why then do I always get little pangs in my tummy every time I have to go up onto the mezzanine floor where he works? I mean the sloping […]

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Getting back and catching up, hmmm seems we have been here before. There has been much going on while I was away, but I don’t intend to rehash too much. Backlash seems to be gaining support, but I couldn’t find a central website outlining the issues or the campaign – maybe someone could get on […]

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Still away


There are some relationship truths. These may be true for some people, they may be true for everyone, I have no idea about this. Relationship truths, once understood make life a little clearer, like a filtering system in a pool they allow for clarity and make swimming around together just that bit safer and more […]

Now it’s not like I don’t think a girl needs a good spanking now and again. I don’t exactly like it, but there is no denying that it does a girl good. This was a lesson I learned in school. At 18 Miss Parmenter told me after a particularly memorable shellacking that I had a […]