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Nothing new under the sun as they say, these are 3D images of yesteryear. They were chanced upon on a vanilla blog Pocketful of Ginch. The first two was how they would have been used the rest are details of the image as singles. My grandmother had a stereoscope for viewing holiday snaps, but she […]

The room was moderately lit with red velvet curtains at each corner and an ornate table at one end. On it stood a single candle, an open book, a large globe with a brass mounting and a half-naked kneeling sorority pledge. Out of the seven women in the room, four were collegians and three were […]

LSF have published a new story collection of mine. It is headed by a completely new previously unpublished story, This thing That We Do. Polly and Michael have an unconventional relationship, neither of them quite sure whether part of their relationship is a game or for real. Polly is a proud, independent, professional woman whose […]

So Embarrassing


Really struggling to catch-up with an in-tray a foot thick; an episode of Abraham Heights, Magic and Spankmanship are all pending but not quite ready. Also coming up here are few random snippets culled from the vanilla world, which may have been missed by readers but none suggested a single post. However, this one may […]

Dojo Discipline


There are many accounts of spanking in sport; some have been discussed on this blog. There was even a rumour doing the rounds 10 years back that a certain ‘vampire slaying’ actress was spanked by her kick boxing coach; the product of over imagination no doubt. However, I did chance across these two snippets which […]

Weekly Round-Up


In another week or two things will be getting back to normal in Spankville and indeed things do seem to be picking up. Perhaps the slow blogosphere is just a reflection of the tail end of my own summer. Hand in hand with this will come the reconvening of Parliament and more of David Cameron’s […]

It is in mind to write a couple of posts on the theme of spanking and superheroes, but meanwhile it seems that we have barely moved on from Christian Bale in the role when I notice that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman. Presumably as well as milking a box office sure thing, producers […]

Tip Top Images


Here is another set sent in by TipTopper

The Dominator


He sweeps all before him. He is Top of the tops, first among Doms, dread lord of the Subnation. He is the Dominator. Then the door opens. “Now Mr Smith we have called you in because there seems to be some irregularities with your account,” she says; a junior bank clerk who was in school […]

The housekeeper looked at Sophie with a mix of pity and incredulity. Then her employer’s wife caught her eye and they both blushed. “It is quite alright Mrs Blanchester;” Sophie whispered meekly, “My husband is well within his rights.” Mrs Blanchester, as far as anyone knew had never been married, but it was the custom […]