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Weekly Round-Up


A bit tied up this week – a lot on. Here is what I have so far. Images from various sources. Have a great Bank Holiday.

Vintage Sunday


Spanking is not the force it once was in the advertising world, for one thing it has to be said that in a vanilla environment it is hard to get away from the accusations of sexism. Also we live in less innocent times and such content is far too blatant. But the idea that spanking was […]

Erin Seagrove sat back in her office chair and flicked her eyes from the file to the rather intense woman sitting in front of her. Ellen Bright was a smart brunette with dark polished eyes and a sophisticated ageless demeanour that could belong to anyone between 25 and 40 or so. The birth date on […]

Weekly Round-Up


An odd week this, for one thing I have too much to do to linger here, although there is much to report on. It is just that is not from usual quarters. I ma not the only one who seems busy. Chross, who is still very much blogging, is slowing a bit due to work […]

Vintage Sunday


The introduction music was lively and urgent with bass-driven undertones of peril. As it got to its second bar a metallic 3D banner scrolled across the screen proclaiming ‘Issues Tonight.’ “Hello and welcome to Issues Tonight,” an over smiling redhead with big hair and a clinging green dress said unnecessarily. “I am Mary Tonkin and […]

Mr P had told me about a little bar up the coast. “The town,” he said in his heavy Greek accent, “Well, it isn’t so friendly, but the bar…” he made a gesture with his fingers and kissed them. “Beautiful, you’ll love the food my darling girl.” This had been a week before after an […]

Weekly Round-Up


Another week in Spankville and all is (fairly) well. The second volume of Strictly Women continues to sell reasonably well and as you may have noticed the 20 parter The Deal was completed last week. The mainstream and the commercial spanking world have collided. Bun Beating Fun have featured a mainstream actress (albeit using the alternative […]