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Weekly Update


Last week came and went before I knew it (as did I – having been from one end of the country and back again twice.) I think my blogging time will be cut to three quarters (if not half) for the foreseeable, but at least I will have that much time. But that level of […]

Vintage Sunday


The Room


The room was dark; it was a magic room so it had to be. It had a chair in it so she sat down. The chair was lit but she could see no light source but then she was shaking and she could feel no source of her fear. It all seemed to make sense. […]

Okay this is a a round-up, just a day late. Thank you all for all the congratulations to Indigo and I, much appreciated. Still lots to do here, but Indigo promises to write more soon. On that note, not sure if I can edit her piece for tomorrow yet. However, things will settled down soon. […]

Weekly Round-Up


We have had to go away for a few days, so guess what? No Round-Up for yet another week. Sorry about that, I didn’t know that being married was so time consuming. I have a few things in the can pending posting and I might do a Thursday Round-Up or something. Meanwhile here is some […]

Vintage Sunday


Following on from yesterday’s story here is another true account of the caning of some wrens, this time from the early 1970s. Shortly after this time women were included within the Royal Navy proper and would have been, in theory at least, protected from such sanctions. This was sent in by one of our regular […]

Ticked Off


“Elisabeth Anne Whitfield did not join the WRNS to be consigned to the backside of history,” The haughty brunette made a pout and wrinkled up her nose in disgust. It did not occur to her that speaking aloud in the third person sounded somewhat arrogant, or at least it never had during the first 25 […]

It was perfect, better than she could have imagined. Glancing once more at the door to check it was shut ad holding her breath to check the house was still silent she gave another twirl. Just as before it swung out behind her, better than a pony tail, she laughed at her own joke, because […]

Sorry we missed the Weekly Round-Up yesterday, and I had so much news too, but much of it will keep. Indigo and I have just got back from three weeks away and I am sure it showed in the rather bland story-free posting. We are still playing catch-up and real life has suddenly got very, very […]