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Weekly Round-Up


Back in the attic while the study is revamped; it is round two and I am not holding my breath. Effectively this is the first day back to normal so I am still a little behind. There are no big stories slated, I will just have to see what the muse provides, but over coming […]

Our story began here. So far it had been an ordeal of fire and water and Alice Bowman had never felt so clean, neither inside nor out. Nevertheless, she strained to be as stoical as she could but it was a futile attitude to take, for the whole point of Muriel Baxter’s chastisement regime was to […]

Our story began here. By the time the car pulled out of the drive Alice was ready as she had been instructed. After a long night of contemplation her mind was made up to it, she was going to be severely punished as she deserved. She had fallen short of the high standards she had set […]

Vintage Sunday


This was snatched from a profile on Collarme: I am a domestic goddess seeking to be tamed by a worthy man. I am no easy catch and will not surrender easily. In time I will make your favourite foods, scrub your floors naked and serve you in ways few men can hope. But until then […]

The Tempest


The sky had a purple hue and Tom Daly knew a storm was brewing. From the way the cottonwood was still against a turbulent sky, he guessed a twister was on its way. “Where’s Abby?” he barked in the general direction of the other girls. Mary-Lou and Stephanie exchanged glances and then returned a shrug. […]

You know who you are.