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Imagine a world where the spanking agenda was everywhere. Think of times and places where BDSM and its relations informed many of the choices and infused many of the people who dwell there. That world is not only here and now, but it has been forever, if you but know where to look. Looking back […]

Part I here Alice was naked and afraid as she waited. The barn was cold and dark and only the ropes at her wrists burned her. She shook them off and watched them fall like discarded snakes to the floor. No, she thought, she needed them or else it was her fault. The thought made no […]

It has been a while since I ran a celebration of spanking art. Here is an eclectic mix. The top image is by Hardcastle and the second by Patty. The last two are by an artist called Martin Van Maele, an early 20th century artist who explored a range of risque images including spanking. More […]



The BDSMLR project seems to be gaining ground in its bid to replace Tumblr. You can check out the Annex here as a way in. The main difference from the Tumblr is that you have to be signed in to view in most cases. Although as we saw last week there are other new projects […]

Vintage Sunday


Part I here Garrick knew that Marsha was strong; more than that she was born with the lupine curse and at least that had some benefits. Ultimately she would bounce back from almost anything that didn’t kill her; not that he intended to go quite that far. In his time he had given a few human […]

A good friend of ours, Kia Sera, who writes an interesting blog, Acknowledging Imperfection, is an American living in Ireland. In recent times she has become involved in helping out with the Irish spanking project, Class Ireland. To quote their mission: CLASS Ireland, the Continued Learning Academy for Switches and Submissives, is a school which […]

I have had a few tech problems this week. Almost resolved, but little time to prep or edit posts. Hopefully very soon now. Thanks for your understanding.



It seems a little quiet this week, but maybe because I have been busy. Notwithstanding that I did manage two installments of In the Service of the Wolf and the Annex is growing well. This week we can focus on three little projects that have not had much attention here. The first, you will soon […]

Vintage Sunday