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“Ignorance is the road to nowhere,” ran the legend around the Saint Chad’s school coat of arms. Roland D Denston eyed the noble words with a sense of pride. Of course the words were in Latin, and he doubted half the staff, leave alone the student body could read them. He sighed. In the old […]

I haven’t seen Love, Honor and Obey (1938), although like many of you I have seen the posters and stills that occasionally circulate with the featured spanking. Apparently this movie has not been released for DVD nor is it available on TCM. The reason I suspect is the fisticuffs between the husband and wife at […]

Saddle Sore


The cartoon at the top of the page had me laughing and prompted me to dig out several other westerner spanking images. Never is the substitution of sex more prevalent than in westerns. In most contexts the caveman brute can only be accepted in movies if the eroticism is treated as comedy. Yet within the […]

The noise from the street seemed close, but it could have been worse. The old block of flats was up a side street and they were three floors up with only one level above them. The young woman danced before her three friends in some consternation as she trawled her air-headed brain for an excuse. […]

Just a little joke to lighten the day. I should have offered this to Hermione for caption contest. The still is a promo from the 1930 movie Are You There, the girl is Olga Baclanova (note the hand mirror on the bed). This still came from my vintage movie collection but it was already featured on […]

I stumbled across this somewhere and thought now that the weather is warming up it might be a cute seasonal filler.

I know how this guy feels, but it is usually the brat that does the biting. Never get between a man and the wife he is trying to spank…

It was an odd kind of conversation. Some yahoo said he would take a bullet for Jesus. Why is it always guns and why would anyone need to? Then of course everyone chipped in until the one perky 22-year-old young woman said something about birthday spankings. Go figure. Where did that come from? “So you […]

I have no idea where I found this but I had to laugh. Most likely I saw it on Tumblr sometime ago and no doubt a creative blogger created it. I love the expression on her face. If anyone knows the original movie why not comment.

There is something disturbing and fun about this picture. They look like police, but what is going on? I believe the woman is the Italian porn actress Maria Grazia Buccella, pictured in the early 1960s.