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Spanking art


Here are some pictures from TipTopper taken from a 1960s spanking book. The text is showing through, suggesting a cheap publication, but drawing quality is clean and has the added advantage of being relatively rare.

A very popular approach for spanking stories is the employment of fan fiction. This is a vehicle that has only been employed once on A Voice in the Corner, when some time ago a post lampooning the BBC sitcom Love Soup appeared, entitled Another Spanking Nightmare. Sit-coms are an unusual source for fan-fiction in the […]

Here is a blog that may not have been BotW before; can’t think why. Every so often Bonnie publishes an invaluable list of new spanking blogs to enjoy. There are also a series of thoughtful discussion on spanking and… well just about every topic you can name. This week’s blog is My Bottom Smarts.

The soft-soled canvas slippers seemed out of place. She knew they were to protect her feet from the harsh stone floor of the dungeon and the rough ground outside, should she have been sentenced to a public flogging, but in the ordinary way of things, she might have chosen them for the beach. The thought […]

Eloise felt as if she were falling; the tingle of excitement in her belly almost painful. Her breath was so short that she had begun to feel lightheaded. She smoothed down the front of her dark grey business suit, enjoying the sensation of pressure against her sensitive thighs and her sex, assailed, as she was, […]

The pictures above, another contribution from TipTopper, would cause offence today more for their social-political insensitivity rather than their muted sexual content. However, back in the 1960s when they were published, such considerations were barely considered. Also readers of the magazines they appeared in, were either oblivious to the sexual content, or could readily pretend […]

Following on from Thursday’s post about spanking anecdotes of yesteryear, here is one that should have been included. This little reminiscence of Rachel’s is similar to that of her namesake reported here back in 2009 in a post entitled, The Slipper and the Art of Spanking in 1970s England. She writes: In the last year […]

Found this picture on the Spanking Blog. The SB was one of the first round up spanking blogs that caught the eye and it can always be relied upon for an eclectic mix of posts. This week’s Blog of the Week: The Spanking Blog.

Never too old


Here are a few short anecdotes that hark back to another age culled recently from the web. Mary P. London says: After I left school I went to work for a firm of solicitors. This was during the early 1960s and I felt all the way grown up. Then disaster struck and after two years […]

The girl was well secured at her wrists in the small of her back as she lay face down on the bed with her bare bottom elevated by two pillows. She was naked, her white skin stark in the morning light that streamed in through the window. The bindings at her wrist were at her […]