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Weekly Round-Up


Advent is fast looming and in its wake will come a lot of seasonal offerings; some of them no doubt on this blog. Its been a busy week, in the course of which my publisher informs me I have some 750,000 words pending publication.  We are still discussing the next viable project but I am […]

Vintage Sunday


The Dastard


She hadn’t done anything, well not much. That was the only thought that ran through Katie’s mind as she sat in handwringing confusion outside the housemaster’s study. It had been week’s since she had been in the slightest trouble, surely that would count for something. Katie heaved a heavy sigh and turned her lip-chewed face […]

It had been a very dark and giggly night when I returned home. I was still a little giddy from girl talk and too much sugar- at least that was your presumption when you heard the door slam and instead of my customary insistence of immediate attention I careered straight past shouting “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii” as I […]

In Transit


I am away on business and the prep was a bit involved so I ran down my stock of standbys. There are a few coming up but none ready so meanwhile here is a picture.

Sorry for the absence of Vintage Sunday and the lack of a Weekly Round-Up. I had thought I had queued one up but the weekend got way from me. It has been is and is going to be a busy couple days so posts will be hit and miss this week. Meanwhile, here are some […]

Reality Bites


Pulled this one off Colarme. = Interesting you should say that – I think you always have to be careful when meeting someone. On the other hand to get anywhere you sometimes have to take risks. I get punished for not taking adequate precautions when I meet strangers for scenes – as I should be. […]

Hard Life


Her father was dead. That was the way it went sometimes. There was still the herd to get to Abilene and if they could cross the mountains before the snow then they might just save the ranch. Jane Campbell-Lane thought herself as a hard woman for a hard country. Her black unkempt hair was hauled […]

“I want this one,” Maris said with a pout. “That one is not properly conditioned yet,” Dr Manchester said dismissively. Dr Manchester was her uncle of sorts, and one of the world’s foremost synthetic life engineers, although you would hardly know it from his clipped grey hair, or his smart business suit and clean-cut efficiency. […]

In the Stories


In the stories, this is how it works. There are two people, each with a back story, often both troubled, her with some major character flaws that are childish (lack of self control, no sense of self preservation, an inability to think though consequences) but not overwhelming. She does not, for example, have a vile […]