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No idea where this came from or what it actually is. It was lifted from a no doubt other spanking researcher in the past, but then aren’t they all.

Above is a random selection evocative of American spanking images from the 20th century. The Benson black and white drawings are the classic domestic scene and even the nude portrait of Betty Page, famed BDSM model of the 1940s, now seem innocent. The switching scene has taken the mundane 19th century domestic scene and given […]

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time. She wasn’t getting any younger and at almost 37, the prospect of an arranged marriage to the wealthy, handsome and erudite Alec Kingdom had its attractions. For one thing, he had agreed not only to allow her to continue to follow her career, but […]

Weekly Round-up


The pictures above are from Pink, Devlin O’Neil and Poppy St Vincent respectively. Richard Windsor has another take and some backstory on an old magazine photograph carried here a few months back. If its stories you are after, Loki has many including three or four flagged up this week. Most of these are M/F, although […]

Recently while surfing the forums (or should that be fora), there were a whole lot of erotica anecdotes, mostly vanilla and off-topic, some not so. Here is one of them (paraphrased and fleshed out a little), watch this space for a few more. It seems that there were two teachers married to each other, him […]

Three pictures supplied by TipTopper on the theme of the birch. The first has the look of a school teacher about to hand out justice. The young women you will notice are halfway to being flappers, with only their hair in a more conservative style. Perhaps it is their short skirts that have run them […]

Lame title, but meant to be because only a Dom, Top, Alpha male, HoH (pick your label) is ever likely to think in those terms. For the purposes of this article, let’s use the term ‘Gentleman.’ Ladies how many have heard a gentleman say, ‘I know you better than you know yourself;’ this an opening […]

Saw these two vintage snaps on Tumblr a few weeks back and realised that there were already better versions of these on file. The original source is unknown, but the top one is rather curious. Is that a nun? If so why is there a Buddha in the background. It rather reminds one of Black […]

The people hustling along the bridge on their way to work could be forgiven for not even noticing. It was a rainy summer’s day and most of them had assignments to finish before the holidays. In any case, the small park that started under the bridge and ran alongside the river was often frequented by […]

Weekly Round-up


It has been a fun week, despite the rain or the blistering unbearable sun (depending where you are in the world). The pictures above were taken from Poppy’s Submissions, Cutie Pie Spanking and finally Chicago Spankings (click on the coloured pic for the full cartoon strip). It seems that when it comes to superheroes and […]