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Vintage Sunday


Part 1 here. Anette felt a surge of panic at what had almost happened; almost because all she had to do was… her mouth went dry…. “Machine stop,” she ordered and once last effort to pull her arms free of the machine. It might have worked too, if she had not been tipped so far […]



Still not enough opportunity for story writing, but LSF have brought out a new publication of my stories. This one is not exactly new and includes the novel (they call it a novella) The Academy, together with two other shorter novellas in one deal. Certainly better value for money if you haven’t already purchased them, […]

Sorry not another short, not yet, but I just got some feedback on some of my books. Firstly, thank you so very much if you bought one of my books. I would like to say that I can make a living at this, but sadly the day job still beckons. However, every penny does help […]

Vintage Sunday


Previously we have discussed CP for women in the Royal Navy during and after the Second World War. Women were not fully incorporated into the Navy until the 1957 Naval Discipline Act, but until then they had been formulated under boy cadet rules and technically, and sometimes actually, subject to corporal punishment. This entailed anything […]



This week Ronnie has new spanking sites to check out and Vanilla Spanking explores daddy spanking in comics and the movies of yesteryear. Speaking of movies I have also had some nice emails including one from Anthony on the 1966 movie Georgy Girl. He looked up the script and found two spanking references. Middle-aged man […]

A Little Busy


I have been a little busy and I haven’t had time to develop a queue of work. However, I am now able to access my back-up files and story treatments, old images and memorabilia. It will take me a while to sort through it and organise it.

Vintage Sunday


The Seal


The ever changing sea was grey green with patches of deep blue. Here and there were small waves forming transient triangles of black that vanished even as she watched them. To the untrained eye they might have been the fins of dolphins or basking sharks and Perdita strained a hopeful gaze in case this proved […]