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Angela’s Story begins here. I get bored sometimes. Not often and not usually when I’m with David, but tonight I was. We hadn’t been out together for a while and I had hoped to go somewhere exciting, but we had ended up going to the local pub. I couldn’t complain too much as David had […]

Angela’s Story begins here. I loved the way Nan stood defiantly, almost proudly, stock-still in the corner. Even from behind, where I had placed myself, I could see that she was blushing furiously, I knew would be in her position. It has to be said that the scarlet at her face and neck was nothing […]

Angela’s Story begins here. I once heard a story about a man who put his head in a lion’s mouth. On being asked why he had done it he replied, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Now maybe it is just me, but I always thought all these glib reasons for doing […]

Angela’s story continued: With no college that week I was looking forward to just hanging around the house waiting for David to get home. I carefully planned my day and reckoned that if I timed it right I might manage a lie-in followed by plenty of nothing to do but read. I might have known […]

By popular demand Angela’s story returns. I hate corner time. I mean I know it’s necessary and a vital part of our relationship, but at the time, when you are actually standing with your nose in the corner it is a bitch. The worse kind of corner time, after the one you get to do […]

Angela’s story continues. When I later told David about my encounter with Nan and Alex he had no sympathy for her. “I would not advise ever trying anything like that yourself.” He said sternly. But I didn’t mind I still had fond memories of Nan’s predicament. We were not to see Nan and Alex for […]

Angela’s story continues. I was to see Nan and Alex all too soon. I had been too lost in my shame, but apparently over lunch, Alex had invited us to dinner later that month. “Oh do we have to?” I wheedled. “It’s so embarrassing.” “It rather defeats the purpose of punishing you like that if […]

Angela’s story continues. The weeks passed quickly and spring arrived. I had no idea where the term went. Life had been had been an intense round of spankings, caning and studying. You can imagine my surprise when my last exam practice before Easter yielded a first and I escaped a caning altogether “May be we […]

Angela’s story continues. I hated waiting. As usual, time passed slowly as I stood in the corner and as usual with the prospect of the cane in the offing, I found it harder to zone out. At some point the phone rang and I heard David having a relaxed chat with someone. With nothing else […]

Angela’s story continues: The holidays were soon over and I was back at college. That meant more exam practice and I was not looking forward to the consequences of getting less than perfect results. On a more positive note, we went out to dinner with Nan and Alec. While the guys were at the bar […]