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Vintage Sunday


Reality Bites


From a vanilla forum about office workers of yesteryear, Julie commented: Further to the comment about spanking at work. My Aunt worked in the City during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. She told me the spanking of office girls was far from unheard of. When she began working at 17 she almost got the sack […]



No Community page this week, DJ Black is unwell… no not true (a small joke for Londoners of certain generation), I am away again and out of reach of the spanking community. Tomorrow there is a holiday edition of Vintage Thursday again.

Holiday Monday


Vintage Sunday


Going away for a short break but we will still be posting next week via pre-scheduled posts.



There is a bit of a school girl theme to this week (judging from what I have found). Adult school themes are ever more popular. Ronnie has a new list of spanking sites to follow up on. Other images found at: AAA, Dallas, James Stephenson, Devlin, Spanking Magazines, Spanking Emporium, Contemporary Spanking and the Spanking […]

Summer Break


I have been away, hence the lack of posts last week and the impromptu Vintage Thursday. I am off again in a few days, so there will be no Community next week. I hope to queue a few goodies up.

Vintage Sunday