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“Now Prime Minister, just one final question,” Grace said, leaning forward cockily, already congratulating herself on another great show. It was then she noticed Samantha in the TV audience. “Um… eh, yes just one final question…” Things had not been going so well for Grace of late. For one thing Martin had left her. “Your […]

A doctor canes


“It was only a kiss,” Gail said, looking from her step-father to her mother for support. Amy looked at Michael, her husband, surely he wouldn’t, she thought, but he had that look and he never went back on his word. Kissing the veterinary’s son outside the post office had been the talk of the village. […]

Not sure if this week’s offering is a blog or not. The Spanking Bloggers Network has been going for a while now and has become a useful resource for networking spanking blogs. Several blogs and websites have aspired to do what it does but they have either faded away or as not yet not always […]

This is an excerpt from a very nice email received after the 1.5 million visits post. A young woman, who calls herself Tracy, wanted to say how much she liked this blog and how reading it and following some of the links to our friends like Sometimes A Girl, made her feel she was not […]

“But Aunt Em, I really did go to the land beyond the rainbow, it’s called Oz and… Aunt Em?” Dorothy stopped her unlikely monologue when she saw Uncle Henry get up from his chair with a very heavy sigh that really did not bode well for her bottom. “Please Aunt Em you have to believe […]

This week’s blog is the Spanking Blog. Each week it has a random selection of pictures and items, some a roundup of other blogs, some drawn from its seemingly inexhaustible supply of spanking snippets. The picture above was taken from this week’s offerings and is typical of what is on offer.

“You have a beautiful house ma’am,” Cameron gushed. “You don’t have to call me ma’am,” Mary simpered, loving the American girl’s exaggerated manners. Cameron was nothing like Mary Kenton had expected when she had agreed to host an exchange student. Her own daughter Jade, although 18 was still very much the child, but her American […]

Spanking has always been more common on the theatre stage than anywhere else in the performing arts. Back in the 1920s and 30s the London stage was positively awash with spanking scenes in plays. Even today many Avant-garde productions (for example spanking Shakespeare) will include a scene to get noticed. Now there may be a […]

When 18 months ago this project began it was to be wondered if over a year or so 100,000 visits was achievable. So when at the end of last year after only 14 months the one million mark was hit it was a pleasant surprise. Now obviously many people out there hate this kind of […]

The Spanking Spot is one of the sites which has an eclectic approach to spanking posts. This means that it is always worth checking it out for interesting links and random little movie clips. However its mainstay is pictures and reviews from spanking movies. For instance over the weekend it carried the above picture of […]