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The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, Remember now that I am at hand to take you to task for all missteps and sins. Your allusions to taking to your bed to pursue improprieties while dwelling on sinful thoughts I scarce can believe you would put to paper. Needless to say I will deal with you this […]

  The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, Thank you for your letter and you were wise to amend the description of our encounter, I would have indeed been disappointed otherwise. Clarity of word is clarity of thought, how else are we to learn? Sadly the school room lines were less adequate. I counted only 198 lines […]

The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, You most assuredly may not call me Miss Jane. As your former governess I may permit some familiarity at your concession; that is only appropriate. But to allow reciprocation undermines the difference in our station. Again you may be thankful that I am not engaged professionally in your regard. The […]

The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, If you are going to quote from a book, even mine, then do so correctly. I believe I wrote: “There is nothing so good for a girl as a thorough birching on the completely bare bottom.” Were you being coy or just sloppy? Perhaps you have forgotten my other […]

Dear Sir


I had this email from Karen and with her permission I thought I would post it. It has been edited down to make narrative sense and I have removed some of the extensive enthusiastic discussion of my blog and where it got more personal. Dear Sir, I hope this is not too creepy but I […]

This was sent in as a comment by Chloe for the last never too old post. I have included the first part to demonstrate how cute and accident prone Chloe is. “Sorry to be a bother, but I can’t get this comment to send. Can you post it for me, or you could use it […]

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is an example of an email sent in from a reader. I don’t get many like this, most are far more hesitant and paradoxically somewhat longer. Overlook the kind greeting and move quickly on to the story. A good example of adventure coming at you left field. Dear DJ, […]

Our story began here. Dear Gerald, it was a good beginning to a letter, accurate and straight to the point. However Sylvia could not think what to put next. Looking up she saw Tatiana on her knees on the lawn. It must be tiresome to have to cut the grass using only nail clippers, but […]

Story reviews


I received a decent email from Paul D last week who offered his own review of some of my recent publications. It is nice to be appreciated, especially when someone parts with some money. Hot on the heels of this mail, came a very nice review of the Russell Corner over at Blossom and Thorn. […]

I recently had a great letter from 74-year-old Ged who gave permission to publish this anecdote from his life as a publican. * I have just found your excellent blog A Voice in the Corner. I have a short true story from circa 1974. My then wife and I took over a Pub in a […]