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In a Flap


The clack-clack of the typewriter filled the office as Amelia Travers picked her way through desks piled high with old tea chests. Many were over-ladened with business sundries and long dead accounts for transactions now  forgotten. She was a slight girl from the modern cut with a dark page-boy bob and a straight up and […]

A conclusion to yesterday’s tale. The cigarettes were foul and even Amelia suspected that walking down the middle of the road after midnight whilst swigging a bottle of brown ale was less than ladylike. But Spiffy had to agree that it was very dare and totally modern. “I don’t really like smoking,” Amelia spluttered and […]

House Rules


In 1923 young college girls arriving at their boarding house in Richmond Virginia would not have been surprised to see a list of rules on the wall. No gentlemen callers after 7.30pm No gentlemen visitors to be allowed in rooms at any time No food to be eaten in your rooms No alcohol at any […]