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Sadly I am still operating with mobile devices and no archive. I will keep you updated. Meanwhile here is some music… I mean a picture.

Vintage Sunday


A few days ago my PC either died or became very sick. I currently have no access to files and I am posting this on a handheld device. Normal service will be resumed…?

Part 1 here. Amelia’s bare bottom was a deep red from the paddle session and still vulnerably directed at the ceiling. The indignity was an affront to her pride, but the apprehension of what was to come was worse. The first cane stroke fell like the sword of justice and cut twice as sharply. Amelia […]

When I was at school all the girls in class either had a pony or wanted one. Many of them worked for peanuts at a local horse farm on Saturdays and in their holidays and competition for these jobs was fierce. One day I was in science class with a girl called Laura who had […]

Vintage Sunday


Anette watched the nervous young woman enter the room through the one way glass. She was petite with a fashionable pixie cut to her dark blonde hair. Anette knew the type, party girls whose high jinks had gotten out of hand. She was now devoid of her other fashion statement garb. The grey prison smock […]



  Another quick round-up of some spanking sites amateur and professional. It seems it is hot and slow everywhere at the moment. Pictures above found at: Devlin, the Spanking Blog, O&P, Dallas, Real Spankings, AAA, Contemporary Spanking, and Grumpy.



Its hard to concentrate when there are so many distractions, but with maturity one can master it.

Vintage Sunday