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It all began with Heidi. I was on a business trip abroad and alone in my hotel when I got a chance email from an Internet friend I had spoken to off and on for a few years. I was in Switzerland at the time and I happened to mention that fact. “Fräulein Rottenmeier and […]

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is an example of an email sent in from a reader. I don’t get many like this, most are far more hesitant and paradoxically somewhat longer. Overlook the kind greeting and move quickly on to the story. A good example of adventure coming at you left field. Dear DJ, […]

It is typical of life that just as three or four major life events collide, within a few weeks the in-tray gets full to bursting. That is the nature of the world I suppose. In Ancient Rome a conquering hero had a slave at his shoulder during a Triumph telling him ‘Remember you are mortal.’ Most […]

Now here is the thing, any fool can chain the willing or even unwilling up and have her at his mercy, but sending a girl to the corner is just as restrictive and carries with it the added element of it being voluntary on both sides. Okay so it’s a given that few girls will […]

The Look


This picture reminded me of someone. It’s the look isn’t it? You know the one, it is supposed to be a withering stare that says ‘You wouldn’t dare,” but it really says is ‘you need to spank me harder and longer than you were intending to.’ You have just said, “What do you think you […]

New intro page


Been doing some housekeeping and I thought that my about page was uninformative and somewhat pretentious. It’s still pretentious, but at least it is a new one. A voice in the corner of my mind whispered you are not alone. So as a young man I searched the second-hand bookshops, the libraries and Saturday afternoon […]

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said. A much younger DJ Black had broken of a thin swishy branch and was busy peeling it at this point. We were miles from anywhere in a wood up the side of a mountain. The switch got swiped through the air a couple of times and she baulked. Deciding to […]

Okay that might not be true, just kidnapped by life. Normal service will resume shortly. Blog of the Week is late, but some stories are on their way plus a small feature. Watch this space.

The first of the cherry blossoms touched my heart with happiness, like a gentle hand in the morning mist. The first pink dusting on the trees was the sign that spring had come at last. This was my season, for in those days I was young. I was to be married to my Yoshi, a […]

Been reorganising here and have taken the opportunity to look over various issues and unanswered comments. That has got the old grey matter creaking into life. Some people have asked why this blog? There have also been several requests for sequels of this story or that. Another person asked is it true? What a great […]