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Happy Halloween


Halloween is not such a big deal in England as it is in other parts of the world, somewhat overshadowed as it is by Bonfire Night. However in the North they do have something called Mischief Night, which one understands is a more hard core version of trick or treat without the treat dimension. Apparently […]

Here is a short from Jeanie B who originally posted a comment to the post ‘real life adult daughters still spanked.’ She kindly agreed not only to allow it to be posted in its own right, but expanded upon. It appears here in a slightly edited format as agreed with Jeanie. I love this blog […]

Weekly Round-up


An eclectic mix of blog samples this week. The Endart Halloween picture was taking from the Cranky Spanker, who has the whole strip to enjoy; something for those of you who hate Trick or Treaters. The next is a bathroom scene taken from About Spanking. And finally we have movie still from a clip taken […]

Our story started here. Tammy and Jen were quiet as they entered the ‘woodshed.’ Seeing Jen glaring at her, Tammy could only shrug. The younger girl knew it was all her fault and that sometimes she didn’t know when to stop, but Jen had gone along with the prank and could hardly escape responsibility now. […]

This picture was grabbed from Tumblr a few weeks back, with Ad Astra not quite being ready I thought it was worth giving it an outing. The artist Barb, also draws such clean evocative images, although usually slightly off -subject for my tastes. This one however, captures all the basic elements of a classic OTK […]

With a new instalment of Ad Astra in the pipeline, I thought it would be useful to recap. Dale Hanson, former smuggler and reformed criminal has to contend with an older sister who is not only a reluctant business partner, but her legal guardian. To cap it all Hanson freight is going bust and Captain […]

Peter’s heart sank. What was all this crap? He reread the memo. “All project notes to confirm to guidelines. All project notes to be signed off by your line-manager…” He yawned. It was too much to even bother with. If he read to the end of the two dozen pages with the slightest regard for […]

Weekly Round-Up


Last week was a in some ways a good week for blogs out there. It is a pity that I was too distracted to make the most of it. The season seems to be picking up with Halloween posts already in abundance. We will look at the best of those in two weeks. The horseman […]

A Crimson Tide


This has been a bit of a traumatic week and for me (and it seems many others) the blogosphere has changed forever. As perhaps you know, fellow blogger Poppy and I ran a joint venture called Crimson and Black, which is a picture promo Tumblr that was entered into by way of a tribute to […]