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Blog of Week


This has been blog of the week before, following a post about Corporal Idaho. Since Spanked in Her Dreams is currently on the night stand, thought it was worth a glance at what Devlin was posting this week only to find… …well go and check it out for yourself. Blog of the Week, Devlin O’Neil.

PDASH, a phrase used by some sororities to express their disciplinary philosophy and the answer to yesterday’s sorority spanking puzzle. Our winner, Eric Auden, called it in within a minute of it being posted, although several of you had the answer, which was held back for a while. Thanks to all those who took part. […]

This picture was drawn by Tiptopper and includes a simple puzzle. Just as the symbols on the paddle stand for S&M, the other set of Greek letters also represent an acronym. What is it and what does the acronym stand for? The clue is that the answer has been on this blog before. There is […]

The above picture was supplied by Tiptopper and is from the cover of a sporting magazine of some kind. Sport and spanking have a history together. National athletics coaches from certain eastern European countries were renound for spanking their female protégés. In her book, Beginning and End, Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu, said, “I received many […]

It’s that time again. This week’s blog is one that only recently made the blogroll, but had been a site that has been dipped into now and again. Beauty and the Birch is an eclectic mix of cartoons drawings and photographs together with the occasional story, so it is well worth a look.

As this blog climbs ever higher in the visitor stakes it is never-the-less amazing that you are literally one in two million, the total number of visits this blog has had since its launch just 25 months ago. In reality of course most of you come back, so in fact there are an estimated 10,000 […]

Paddle Sore


There are a couple of private boards that get busted by Google, in other words can be viewed if you click on a Google search, but when you book mark that page to return to it you get shut out. Very curious, annoying, but sometimes useful, given at least you get to beat it the […]

Here is a little gem that has been updating that hasn’t been featured before. It was the Spanking  Network’s blog of the month a while back and if you check it out you might see why. It has that eclectic approach that makes a spanking blog a surprise. For instance recently it has featured both […]

It is funny how the mind works. Here are two unrelated stories that ran together in the old noggin. Apparently there is a story going around that Keira Knightley won’t allow her bottom to be seen on camera. Some say she has even had it written into her contract. Now at the same time this […]

Read an account of a woman who when at school in the 1970s was taught by her cousin. She was 18 and in the sixth form and he was her geography teacher. The young lady in question thought she could get away with anything and he believed that she couldn’t. The upshot was whenever she […]