What Stacy did next


Stacy Keibler nudeStacy Keibler spankedStacy KeiblerThis is probably old news to some of you, but the top picture rather seized the attention and a little research revealed that it is an art shoot with a Stacy Keibler. Now having not the least idea who she is, a little research was called for.

Apparently she is an actress, model and eh… wrestler!? Sometimes you have to wonder if you can be too English; what do they feed girls in the US of A?

There was no particular reason to run the picture until the second image turned up. Apparently Ms Keibler gets spanked – a lot.

In case you wanted a better idea of what this versatile 32-year-old looked like, a third picture has been provided.

5 Responses to “What Stacy did next”

  1. Oh, there’s lots of videos of Stacey K being spanked in wrestling matches. There are stories that are fan fiction about her as both spanker and spankee. I had her in mind, in fact, for my story, “Life with Stacey” over on KLSF.

  2. I think lady wrestlers are always a bit outside the mainstream, aren’t they? I think of them as engaged in long embraces with other really muscular women, or engulfed in mud, or issuing challenges to their competitors in language that you don’t often hear outside a bar. But–that could be an impression created by ignorance of a sport that women are now embracing in greater numbers.

    Here is the disconnect: I think of lady wrestlers as assertive and with a need to be in control–as spankers, perhaps, rather than as more submissive spankees? Perhaps this is a lesson to not make assumptions about anyone.

    Interesting post, DJ, as always! Whenever my previous conceptions are challenged, I think that’s helpful and a good thing. 🙂 Can I just say that the position in the second photo looks like a really, really bad idea?

  3. Stacy Keibler started out in WCW, and then when WWE bought them out, she moved there.

    She’s always been known for her long legs, 41″ was always quoted. She was a contestant in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ a few years ago and finished 2nd to Drew Lachey.

    She left WWE later that year, and has been on TV in guest spots. More recently she has been photographed a lot as she is the current girlfriend of George Clooney.

  4. 4 DJ

    Well that’s two votes to one (Scarlet doesn’t seem to have heard of her either – we read the wrong newspapers S 😉 ) Stacy is famous. Lucy old George he must be a film star or something to have such a girlfriend 😉

    Thanks for the infor guys


  5. Wait, does that mean that George Clooney likes girls who like to be spanked? Be still my heart!

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